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WWE 2K24: How to Customize Special Referee Match

WWE 2K24: How to Customize Special Referee Match

Every superstar comes with their own ref gear right out the box, but we ain’t about keeping things basic, are we? WWE 2K24 lets you deck out your ref, whether you’re bringing Stone Cold to lay down the law or The Rock to keep things electrifying… Hit up ‘Create a Superstar,’ slide into ‘Attire,’ & there you go – customize that look. Ditch the elbow pads, change up those stripes; make it yours.



Playing It Your Way:

Jumping into the ring as ref, the world’s your oyster… Keep it clean, or stir the pot & make the match a wild ride. WWE 2K24’s got all these settings & sliders to play with, letting you dial in just how straight or crooked you wanna be as the match’s ref.



Gameplay Dynamics:

Check this – the game drops a slick Referee Meter on us. Playing fair boosts it, while getting dirty drops it… Want to keep things balanced or throw it all out the window? You decide. Plus, you can flip the switch on this feature, letting you go all out without sweating about a backup ref stepping in.



Match Customization:

Thinking about turning your match into a cage brawl or throwing in some tables & ladders? Pump the brakes. Special Guest Referee matches stick to one-on-one showdowns… But, hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t make each face-off legendary. Iron Man matches, pin-only brawls; it’s all in your hands.



The Extras:

We’re talking title matches with a side of bias if your ref’s in the corner of one of the competitors… Customization doesn’t stop at the match rules either. Mess with the AI, pick your poison with weapons, & even decide on starting with finishers primed & ready. Craft that perfect moment where every move & every count tells its own tale.


WWE 2K24: How to Customize Special Referee Match


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