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WWE 2K24: How to Defeat Your Opponents in a Cage Match

WWE 2K24: How to Defeat Your Opponents in a Cage Match

Cage Matches? They’re no joke. You got the steel walls hemming you in & all sorts of ways to win – pinfall, submission, or just straight up escaping that cage. But here’s the kicker: with WWE 2K24, the game’s mechanics have taken a whole new turn, what with the AI getting smarter & all, making every match a whole new ball game.



Select Wrestlers With Good Recovery

Listen, the longer you’re down, the closer your opponent is to making that grand escape. You gotta pick fighters who bounce back like they’re made of rubber. Roman Reigns & Cody Rhodes? Top picks, no doubt. Their recovery game’s on another level, giving you that edge when the going gets tough…



Choose Wrestlers With a Ton of Combos

Being predictable is your worst enemy in a cage match. You wanna keep your opponent guessing, & that’s where superstars with a laundry list of moves come in handy. The more combos you got up your sleeve, the harder it is for the other guy to catch a break & counterattack. Mix it up, keep ’em on their toes…



Weaponize the Steel Cage

That cage? It’s not just there to look pretty. It’s your best bud in a beatdown, and if you’re slick, you’ll use it like the weapon it is. Throw your opponent into it, grind ’em down, and wait for that perfect moment to drop a finisher or signature on ’em… The plan’s to keep ’em down for the count. Make that steel work for you, and make your point known, no ifs or buts.



Perform Multiple Finishers & Signatures

Rookies try to bolt for the exit after landing a big move. Big mistake… Here’s the deal: escaping drains your stamina & gives your downed foe a chance to recover. So what’s the play? Land multiple Finishers & Signatures… It’s like putting the final nails in the coffin, ensuring they’re too weak to stop your grand escape.



Using Alternate Methods for Extra Damage

Before even thinking about climbing out, there’s a checklist: enemy not recovering, their energy’s gotta be on E, & their health? In the red zone. Get creative with it…


  • Using Steel Stairs: They’re not just for show. Those stairs can deal a mean blow to your opponent’s dome, setting them up perfectly for a quick finisher.


  • Taking a Leap from the Top: Only when your opponent’s eating canvas should you climb up & take that high-risk dive from the top. It’s a game-changer, dealing more damage than most combos can dream of…


So there you have it, the down & dirty on dominating WWE 2K24 cage matches. Keep these tips in mind, & you’ll be racking up those wins like nobody’s business.


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