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How to Break The Ring in WWE 2K24

How to Break The Ring in WWE 2K24

Ever dreamt of recreating some of the most jaw-dropping moments in WWE history right from your couch? Well, WWE 2K24 is your ticket to glory, especially if you’re aiming to shatter the ring beneath the weight of colossal giants, just like when the arena was left in disbelief during the unforgettable clash between Braun Strowman and Big Show. Picture this: the tension is sky-high, the crowd is going wild, and BAM! The ring collapses under the sheer force of these titans colliding. Now, you wanna be the architect of such chaos?? Stick around as we break down, quite literally, how to break the ring in WWE 2K24…



How to Break The Ring in WWE 2K24

  • Pick Your Players Wisely – This ain’t no job for lightweights. You need a Super Heavyweight with more mass than a black hole & a Heavyweight with enough muscle to actually perform a superplex. We’re talking the big boys here; think Braun Strowman, the mountain of a man, ready to be lifted by another powerhouse like Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar.


  • Work ‘Em Over – No ring’s gonna break with a couple of love taps. You need to lay on the hurt, real bad. Focus on your behemoth of an opponent until their damage indicator is screaming red. Though if you’re feeling lucky, orange or yellow might just do the trick… but don’t count on it.


  • Position Is Everything – Get your opponent to the corner of the ring. You can do the ol’ Irish Whip or get hands-on & drag them there. Once they’re hugging the turnbuckle, flick the right stick upwards to get ’em perched on top. It’s like setting up dominoes, just a lot bigger & meaner.


  • Launch the Attack – It’s go-time!! Press A or B on Xbox, or Circle or X on PlayStation, & watch as your wrestler attempts to defy physics & bring both the opponent & the ring down in one epic move. If the ring stands strong, rinse & repeat. More damage might just be needed.


Remember, not every wrestler can pull off this epic move. You need someone who’s got the muscle to lift a super heavyweight into the air. Guys like Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns, or even The Undertaker are prime candidates for this. Lightweights need not apply; sorry, Rey Mysterio fans.


And let’s say you nail it, & the ring implodes… what then? Well, congrats, champ. You’ve just won the match by Knock Out (KO). Yep, even if KO’s are off the table, breaking the ring seals the deal & hands you the victory.


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