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WWE 2K24: How to Perform Super Finishers

Hulk Hogan in WWE 2K24

Welcome, WWE fans! Ready to turn the heat up in WWE 2K24 with those electrifying Super Finishers that leave the crowd roaring & your opponent in awe? Let’s get the lowdown on unleashing the most powerful moves in the game. Remember, these ain’t your everyday slams & punches. We’re diving deep into the big league moves that only a select few superstars can pull off.



Qualifying for Super Finishers

First up, you gotta make sure your character is equipped with the arsenal to deliver a Super Finisher. Not every superstar has the chops to pull off these devastating moves… So, what’s the drill? Hit pause mid-match, scoot over to the Move List, & see if your wrestler’s got that Super Finisher magic. If yes, you’re golden. If not, well, there’s always the thrill of the chase, getting those standard finishers down pat.



Fueling the Fire: Charging Up Those Finisher Bars

Now, let’s talk about the juice that powers these show-stopping moves: Finisher bars. Look beneath your character’s name at the bottom of the screen. See those yellow bars? Those are your bread & butter, your best friends, your pathway to glory.


  • You need all three bars filled to unlock the power of Super Finishers.


How do you fill ’em up?? Fight smart, fight hard, & show no mercy.



Unleashing the Beast: Key Combos for Super Finishers

When the moment’s right & your Finisher bars are glowing with potential, it’s showtime. Here’s what you gotta do, broken down by platform:



For the PC Gladiators:

  • Press Space bar + K. Feel the ground shake under your might.



For the Xbox Champions:

  • Hit RT + A with precision. Make every second count.



For the PlayStation Warriors:

  • Execute with R2 + X.


Timing & positioning matter. Don’t rush. Make it count.



Spotlight: Superstars & Their Signature Moves

Let’s highlight some of the titans of WWE 2K24 & the moves that have cemented their legacy:



AJ Styles

  • Spiral Tap: Aerial artistry meets devastating impact.



Roman Reigns

  • Superman Punch & Spear Combo: Unleash a barrage that leaves no room for response.



John Cena

  • Double Attitude Adjustment: Double the pain, double the fame.



The Undertaker

  • Leaping Tombstone Piledriver: An iconic move for the endgame.



Becky Lynch

  • Avalanche Manhandle Slam: From the top ropes to the canvas, no mercy shown.


The list goes on, each superstar with their unique move that can change the tide of any match. Know them, learn them, fear them…



Mastering the Art of the Super Finisher

Let’s break it down. It’s not just about pressing buttons. It’s about the right place, the right time, & yes, the right opponent. Watch their moves, predict their strategy, & when the stars align, unleash hell!


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