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How to Perfectly Execute the Best Finishers in WWE 2K24

How to Perfectly Execute the Best Finishers in WWE 2K24

Hey folks, wanna nail those sick finishers in WWE 2K24? You’re in the right spot. WWE 2K24’s got a boatload of those jaw-dropping, crowd-cheering finishers that can turn the tide of any match, just like you see on TV. Here’s how to lay down the law & give your opponents a night they won’t forget.



Double Attitude Adjustment – John Cena

First up, John Cena’s legendary Double Attitude Adjustment. Imagine hoisting not one, but two giants over your shoulders & slamming ’em down hard. Here’s the play:


  • Setup: This ain’t no solo gig. You need a tag team, Triple Threat, or Fatal Four Way.


  • Storing Power: Make sure you got a finisher stored up, patience is key.


  • The Approach: Snag an opponent with Circle/B, then give ’em the ol’ Irish Whip towards a corner with Circle/B + L-stick.


  • Double Trouble: Got one guy stunned? Repeat with the next guy into the same corner. Now, you got two sitting ducks.


  • Showtime: With both prepped & primed, unleash hell with R2/RT + X/A. Boom, crowd goes wild.



Double Chokeslam – The Undertaker

Next, we got The Undertaker’s chilling Double Chokeslam. Here’s how to make it happen:


  • Match Type: Same deal, multi-person match needed.


  • Finisher Ready: Keep that finisher in your back pocket.


  • Grab & Whip: Catch your first victim with Circle/B, then hurl ’em corner-ward with Circle/B + L-stick.


  • Deja Vu: Another opponent, same corner, same method.


  • Execution: Both foes lined up? Time to drop the hammer with R2/RT + X/A.



Super Stomp – Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins’ Super Stomp is up next, this move is brutal & a surefire crowd-pleaser.


  • Finisher Stockpile: You’re gonna need three finishers ready for this bad boy.


  • Stun ‘Em: Get your opponent dazed & confused to avoid any pesky reversals.


  • High-Flying: Climb to the top rope by pushing L2/LT towards the nearest turnbuckle… anticipation builds.


  • The Drop: And then, when the moment’s just right, hit ’em with R2/RT + X/A for that super finish.



RKO Counter to Seth Rollins Foot Stomp – Randy Orton

Orton’s RKO counter is all about timing & flair. Perfect for those “outta nowhere” moments.


  • Prep: This one’s tricky, it’s all about the setup. Wait for Rollins to go for his Stomp.


  • Ignore the First Signal: Don’t jump the gun on the first reversal prompt… let the tension build.


  • Strike: As Seth takes to the air, smash that reversal with Triangle/Y. If you’ve got the timing down, bam, RKO out of nowhere.



Chokeslam from Hell In A Cell – The Undertaker

Want to recreate one of the most iconic moments in WWE history? Here’s how:


  • Finisher on Deck: Make sure The Undertaker’s got a finisher ready.


  • Outside the Ring: Get your opponent outside, use Circle/B + L-stick to bash ’em into the fence, might take a few tries.


  • Ascend: Climb out with R1/RB & then scale the cell to the top… the anticipation is palpable.


  • The Drop: With the scene set, the table waiting below, press X/A to send ’em flying. Legendary.



AA from Hell In A Cell – John Cena

Cena’s version of cell-top dominance. Here’s the setup:


  • Finisher Primed: Cena needs at least one finisher ready to rock.


  • Break Through: Get your opponent outside, same as Taker, smash ’em through that fence.


  • Climb to Glory: Scale the cell, with each step the excitement builds.


  • The Finale: Position right, then with the crowd holding their breath, X/A sends your opponent flying from the cell, a moment for the ages.


There ya have it, folks. Follow these steps & you’ll be executing the most electrifying finishers in WWE 2K24 like a pro. Remember, it’s all ’bout the setup, timing, & having those finishers ready to unleash hell.


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