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WWE 2K24: How to Remove Straps

WWE 2K24: How to Remove Straps

Pulling down straps in WWE 2K24 ain’t something you do just because. It’s a throwback, a nod to those epic moments in wrestling history where legends like The Undertaker & Kurt Angle made it more than just a match… It’s about taunting, adding that extra bit of flair before you lay down the smackdown. But hey, not everyone’s in on this action; it’s special, meant for those who wear those straps with pride… like Big E, Chad Gable, & yeah, Bron Breakker too.



Getting Down to Business: How to Pull Those Straps

Here’s where things get spicy. Depending on what you’re gaming on, the moves differ, so pay attention:


  • If you’re team PlayStation, you’re gonna wanna hold R2 & press Down on the D-Pad.


  • Xbox Fam: It’s pretty much the same deal. Keep RT held down & give that D-Pad a nudge downwards.


  • PC Master Race: You’ve got it a bit different but nothing you can’t handle. Hold down that Spacebar & press 4. Done deal.


Remember, timing & context are key. You ain’t pulling anyone’s straps down if they’re climbing up for a high-fly move or perched on a turnbuckle… just doesn’t work that way.



Why Even Bother?

So you’re probably thinking, Cool, but why?? Fair point. Apart from looking dope as hell, it’s your way of telling your online rivals you’re about to end this man’s whole career, metaphorically speaking. Perfect for that moment right before you unleash hell or standing over your fallen foe, victorious. But don’t get cocky… Dropping those straps means you’re asking for it, making you an easy target for a counter.



A Little Hitch

Some players are hitting a snag, finding the strap drop elusive despite their best efforts. As of now, thereโ€™s no secret trick to fix it, but fingers crossed it gets patched up soon.


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