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How to Remove a Turnbuckle in WWE 2K24

How to Remove a Turnbuckle in WWE 2K24

First off, for those new to the wrestling world, a turnbuckle’s that little piece of hardware that keeps the ropes tight and the action contained. But in WWE 2K24? It’s your secret weapon…


So, you wanna get a bit cheeky and give your opponent a taste of the metal? Hereโ€™s how you strip those turnbuckles down to the nitty-gritty & make ’em regret stepping into your ring.



Timing is Everything

Listen up, timing’s crucial here… You gotta make sure your opponent is down & out, or at least busy catching their breath. If you go fumbling with the turnbuckle while they’re up & bouncing, you’re gonna end up on the wrong end of a beatdown. So, watch your timing, play it smart.



The Magic Combo

Ready to get hands-on? Head over to the corner youโ€™ve got your eye on.


To strip that turnbuckle, you gotta hit the right combo on your controller:


  • For the Xbox warriors, press RT + LB… Yeah both at the same time.


  • PlayStation fam, youโ€™re looking at R2 + L1


  • PC gamers, itโ€™s all about Space + U. Donโ€™t forget, simultaneous action.


Make sure those fingers are nimble, cause you need to hit those buttons together, like a one-two punch.



Watch the Magic Unfold

Once you’ve got those buttons down, your wrestler’s gonna start the show… ripping that turnbuckle off like itโ€™s Christmas morning. Now, with the padding gone, that metal’s exposed & ready for some action.



Using Your New Toy

Alright, you’ve got an exposed turnbuckle, what now?? Time to introduce your opponent’s face to some cold, hard steel… You can whip them into it, slam them against it, or just improvise. But hey, hereโ€™s a word to the wise โ€“ wrestlingโ€™s a two-way street. Just as you’re plotting your next move, soโ€™s your opponent. Thereโ€™s always a chance they could flip the script on you -> so stay sharp & donโ€™t get too cocky.


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