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How to Perform a Screwjob in WWE 2K24

How to Perform a Screwjob in WWE 2K24

Okay, so before we get all into the details of pulling off a screwjob in WWE 2K24… let’s talk about what a screwjob really is:


Imagine you’re right in the heat of a major wrestling showdown in WWE 2K24, the audience is losing their minds, & the air’s so tense you could slice it open. A screwjob? It’s pretty much hitting the jackpot on sneaky moves – kinda like if a magician decided to go wild and mess up on purpose. You’re the ref, right? And you toss all the rules to the side & pick who wins the match on the down low, favoring one wrestler way more than the other, and you’re doing it all sly-like.


It’s like you’re the one pulling all the strings, deciding who gets to win, but your puppets are these massive wrestlers trying their hardest to snag the win. You play the favorite game, call out some iffy moves, & then, boom! You end the match saying your favorite won, even if they’re not really on top. The audience is booing, the wrestlers can’t believe it, & you’re just there, smirking, ’cause you just turned the WWE world upside down.



Set the Stage Right

Before anything, you’ve gotta find yourself in the middle of a Special Guest Referee Match. This ain’t your average run-of-the-mill match; this is where the drama unfolds & where you can really stir the pot. Think of yourself as the director of this chaotic symphony, the puppet master if you will…



The Game Plan: Laying the Groundwork

Alright, hereโ€™s the deal… you canโ€™t just jump in & call it a day. Nah, you gotta be slick, you gotta be sly. Hereโ€™s how you set the stage for the screwjob:


  • Lock in on the Submission Moment: Keep those eyes peeled for when a wrestler slaps on a submission move -> thatโ€™s your golden ticket.


  • Press & Hold X/A Like Itโ€™s Your Job: Because, well, it kinda is. If you’re repping the PlayStation squad, you’re all about that X button. Xbox fam? A is your best friend. But remember, timing is everything; do this ONLY when that submission move is locked in tight…


  • Show Some Major Favoritism: Before you even think about getting to the main event (aka the screwjob), you gotta play favorites. Itโ€™s a bit shady, but hey, weโ€™re recreating wrestling history here:


Get Physical: Jump in & land a few hits on the unlucky wrestler.


Speed Through Those Counts: Whether itโ€™s pinfalls or count outs, make it obvious who youโ€™re rooting for. Fast counts for your favorite, slow as molasses for the other guy.


Talk the Talk: Hit that up button on the D-pad & start arguing with the wrestler youโ€™ve decided to play for the fall guy. Itโ€™s all about adding to the suspense & drama.



The Climax: Making History

Now, you’ve laid the groundwork, the crowd is buzzing, & it’s time to drop the bomb. You call the match, proclaiming the wrestler youโ€™ve sided with as the victor, all while the other hasnโ€™t even tapped out. The crowd? Furious. The atmosphere? Electric. You? Smirking at the chaos youโ€™ve unleashed.



The Aftermath: Facing the Music

So you’ve done it. You’ve successfully recreated the screwjob. But remember, every action has its consequences. The crowd’s gonna boo you out of the building, and as for your referee rating?? Let’s just say it’s not looking too hot. It plummets to the ground, a stark reminder of the controversy you’ve stirred.


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