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How to Create Rivalries in WWE 2K24

How to Create Rivalries in WWE 2K24

Creating rivalries in WWE 2K24 ain’t just a feature; it’s the lifeblood of the Universe Mode, where you get to stir the pot, mix up drama, and basically play god with the WWE roster… Here’s how you dive into the sandbox and start crafting those spicy showdowns we all love to see.



How to Create Rivalries in WWE 2K24

First things first, you gotta kick things off in Universe Mode. If you’re fresh, start a new storyline; if you’re coming back for more, hit Continue and jump back into the fray… From there, it’s time to navigate the wild waters of WWE 2K24’s menus.


Head over to Tonight’s Show section, but don’t rush; take it slow & steady… You’re looking for the Roster tab. Click it, but keep your eyes peeled; you’re hunting for the Rivalries option. Spotted it? Good. Click on it and choose any slot that’s screaming “fill me!” – those empty rivalry slots are gold mines waiting for your creative touch.



Craft Your Rivalry

Now, here comes the fun part:


  • Select the Rivalry Type: You got options, buddy. One-on-one feuds or tag team tussles; pick your poison.


  • Choose Rivals: This is where it gets real. Select two different Superstars to throw into the ring against each other. Think about the chemistry, the backstory, & the potential for absolute mayhem.


  • Choose the rivalry’s Intensity level: How heated do you want this to get? From Low (think friendly sparring) to Very High (we’re talking sworn enemies for life vibes)…


  • Click on the Save button: Lock it all in. Your rivalry is now official.


But wait, there’s more! You wanna add some flavor to that rivalry, right? Here’s how you sprinkle a little extra on top:


Once you’ve set your rivals on a collision course, hit Start Show from the Tonight’s Show menu… Inside the show, press R3 (get that finger ready) to navigate to Rivalry Actions. You’ll see options like “Mid-Match Revenge Distraction” and “Post-Match Humiliating Attack”… Pick your drama; this is where the storyline thickens.



Make ‘Em Enemies

Wanna crank up the rivalry notch even higher? Add some enemies:


  • Jump into MyUNIVERSE from the Classic Main Menu, then hit up the Superstars tab.


  • To tweak a superstar, press the Triangle/Y button; it’s like opening Pandora’s Box, but for WWE.


  • Scroll down till you find the Enemies option; this is your chance to curate a list of foes worthy of your superstar’s wrath… Edit or add enemies as needed, up to 5, because let’s be honest, everyone needs a nemesis or five.


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