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How to Win an Ambulance Match in WWE 2K24

How to Win an Ambulance Match in WWE 2K24

First things first, the Ambulance Match is all about one thing: locking your opponent in the back of that ambulance parked ominously at the end of the ramp, outside the ring. Sounds easy, right?? Well, think again. This match type throws the rulebook out the window. No disqualifications, no count-outs. Just you, your opponent, & a whole lot of potential for chaos.



Step-by-Step: Sealing the Victory

Damage is Key

Remember, your opponent ain’t just gonna hop into the back of the ambulance because you asked nicely. You gotta soften ’em up first. We’re talking serious damage here, folks. The more you wear them down, the easier it’ll be to complete the mini-games required to shut those ambulance doors. So, unleash your moves, use those weapons (yeah, everything’s fair game here), & get ’em ripe for the picking.



Open Sesame

Now, you can’t stuff someone into an ambulance if the doors are shut tight. So, make your way over & press L1/LT to open ’em up. It’s like inviting your opponent to their own defeat party.



The Art of Grappling

With the doors wide open & your opponent dazed (thanks to your impeccable fighting skills), it’s time to make your move. Initiate a grapple with Circle/B, then drag them kicking & screaming to the back of the ambulance with a timely press of L1/LT. Your character will prop them against the ambulance, setting the stage for the grand finale.



Toss ‘Em In

This is it—the moment of truth. Press L1/LT when prompted to start the sequence of tossing your opponent into the ambulance. It’s almost cinematic, really.



Lock ‘Em Up

Here’s where things get spicy. You’ll face not one, but two submission mini-games, each one representing a door of the ambulance. Win these, & you’ve officially sealed the deal, along with your opponent, inside the ambulance.



Using the Ambulance to Your Advantage

Weaponize the Ambulance Doors

Why stop at just winning? The ambulance doors aren’t just for show; they’re weapons in their own right. With the doors closed, grab your opponent (via Circle/B), drag ’em back to the ambulance with L1/LB, & when the time feels just right, press Square/X to slam the door on them. Trust me, it adds insult to injury.



The High Ground

Feeling daring? Climb to the top of the ambulance with your opponent & get ready for some high-flying action.


Once you’re both up there, it’s game on. Grapple your opponent with Circle/B, press R1/RB to lift them, and then carry them to the edge. A simple button press, and down they go, crashing to the ground below. For those who live for the spotlight, follow up with a diving move off the ambulance by pressing Square/B or X/A. It’s a high-risk move that could end in spectacular success or catastrophic failure. So, yeah, make it count.


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