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WWE 2K24: How to Use Paybacks

WWE 2K24: How to Use Paybacks

Every superstar in WWE 2K24’s got this cool ability to equip not one, but two Paybacks. Yeah, you heard that right. This means you’ve got double the chances to flip the script when you’re getting pounded & need that sweet, sweet momentum shift. You wanna get this setup? Slide into the Creation Suite and tweak your superstar’s loadout.



Itโ€™s Showtime โ€“ How to Unleash Your Paybacks

Now onto the juicy bit โ€“ actually pulling off a Payback. It ain’t just about mashing buttons & hoping for the best. Nope, you gotta have your wits about you & know exactly when to strike. Positioning is key & so is having a Finisher stock ready to roll. Here’s how you unleash the beast across different platforms:


  • Xbox crew: Hold down RT & smash that Y button


  • PlayStation fam: Cozy up with R2 & tap Triangle like itโ€™s your lucky button


  • PC master race: Keep Space pressed & smack I like it’s the key to victory


Remember, timing is everything. Don’t go wasting your shot if it ain’t gonna hit.


Let’s break down these Paybacks, cuz there’s a whole roster of ’em waiting to be unleashed:





Ever dreamed of playing peekaboo with your opponents & getting the drop on ’em? Blackout‘s your go-to. Just make sure both you & your opponent are chilling inside the ring… cuz it ainโ€™t gonna work otherwise.




Feeling like you’re on the ropes? Trigger a Comeback & watch as your superstar dishes out some serious hurt. Itโ€™s like flipping a switch & going beast mode for a hot sec.




Who didnโ€™t dream of launching fireballs as a kid?? Well, dreams come true in WWE 2K24… Aim carefully though, cuz this trick is as hot as it is risky. Get it right & itโ€™s spectacular; get it wrong & youโ€™re playing with fire โ€“ literally.




Wanna make your opponent second-guess their life choices? Hit ’em with a Freeze & watch as they stumble right into your trap. Inside the ring is where this magic happens.



Iron Jaw

Got smacked into next week & need a quick comeback? Iron Jaw pulls you right back into the game. Stunned state ain’t nothinโ€™ but a thing.



Low Blow

It’s dirty, it’s cheap, & it might just get you disqualified… but a Low Blow can turn the tide in an instant. Just kneel & deliver, my friends.



Move Thief

Stealing your opponent’s Finisher? Oh, itโ€™s on now. Wait for ’em to get in position & snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.




Who knew a mob of photographers could be your best ally? In MyRISE, they’re just the distraction you need.



Poison Mist

A face full of Poison Mist is the ultimate disrespect. Stand opposite your opponent & let it rip… just donโ€™t get caught.



Power of the Punch

Brass knuckles, baby. Keep ’em hidden, keep ’em handy. Stand opposite & throw that punch like itโ€™s going out of style.




Need a Finisher & need it now? Rage is your Hail Mary. Stand inside the ring & feel the power surge through you.




Pinned? In a submission? Resiliency is your get-out-of-jail-free card… if your OVR is 85+ that is. Use it wisely.




Nothing says “fair fight” like bringing in a buddy to even the odds. Just make sure you’re taking a little nap in the ring first.



Soul Siphon

Last but not least, Soul Siphon. Draining life force is as badass as it sounds & totally worth the risk of disqualification.


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