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WWE 2K24 – How to Do Grab Combos

WWE 2K24 - How to Do Grab Combos

When we talk grab combos, we’re talking about those moves that require you to get up close & personal with your opponent… think DDT, Neckbreaker, Suplex, Slams. You know: the kind of stuff that makes the crowd go wild. The foundation of all grab combos in WWE 2K24 starts with the light attack button, which is X/Square. Yeah, that’s your golden key.



Types of Combos You Gotta Master

Each superstar’s got their own combo menu, kinda like their personal secret recipe book. Hit pause, check out the Combo option, & there you’ll find all the spicy moves you can pull off.


  • Light Combo: Ends with X/Square & is your go-to for a quick set of hits. It’s kinda easy to pull off but don’t get too cocky; a strong opponent might reverse it & leave you hanging.


  • Heavy Combo: This one wraps up with A/X, & let me tell you, it’s lethal. Use it when you’ve got your opponent reeling & their stun meter’s looking full.


  • Grapple Combo: The cream of the crop, ending with B/Circle. This requires two or three button inputs but lands some of the heaviest hits in the game. We’re talking major damage & major bragging rights.


Now don’t get it twisted, slamming those buttons like you’re playin’ Whac-a-Mole ain’t gonna cut it… Timing, my friends, is the key to combo greatness. You wanna hit each button just as the last move is about to smack your opponent upside the head… It’s like, a rhythm game, but with more body slams.



Defending Against Those Pesky Combos

Now, you can’t just throw punches & not expect to take a few, right? Hereโ€™s how you keep from being on the receiving end of a beatdown:


  • Prevent the Initial Move: Keep an eye out for that button prompt over your wrestler’s head when an opponent tries to start a combo. Hit it fast, & youโ€™ll block their move.


  • Block Approaching Strikes: Similar to dodging a flying chair, press Y/Triangle to stop those incoming hits. Timing & precision are your best friends here; a split-second too early or too late, & you’re eating mat.


Grab combos in WWE 2K24, they’re not just about throwing your weight around. They’re about strategy, timing, & a little bit of showmanship. Practice, get a feel for your favorite superstar’s moves, & soon you’ll be the one callin’ the shots in the ring.


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