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Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge Cheat Codes

Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge Cheat Codes

While in-game, Press tilde ~ (the key above TAB) to produce a console where you can enter cheat codes.



Cheat Codes


Usage: gainexp <exp>

Gives you experience points. To see how many experience points you need to level up, check your status at the mirror of your home base.




Gives you 1,000,000 gold




Fully charges your skill bars




God mode. You don’t take any damage but your armor will still break and your skill bars will still charge




Prints current game state information including the current level, game progress, etc.




Skips the fairy godmother’s tutorial on the first stage




Instantly passes the current stage. Awards base EXP and Gold but if you haven’t done any combos, K.O.s, or picked up any coins you won’t get any bonus.




Usage: skill <index>

<index> depends on the character, certain characters can use certain skills. Just try numbers starting from zero.


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