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WWE 2K24: How to Win a Ladder Match

WWE 2K24: How to Win a Ladder Match

When you’re thrown into a Ladder Match, the goal’s pretty straightforward – be the first to hustle up a ladder in the center of the ring & lay your hands on that prize dangling just out of reach above. Forget about disqualifications, pinfalls, submissions, & count-outs; this is where you can let loose with any weapons or schemes to knock your opponent outta the running & claim victory…



Setting Up & Making Your Ascent

First off, knowing how to snag, set up, or scale a ladder is key – mess this up & you’re done for… To grab a ladder, it’s no different from any other weapon: get one from under the ring or hit L1/LB to pick one up close by. If you’re outside the ropes, use L2/LT to bring it inside.


Now, holding that ladder? Great. Setting it up right is crucial – hit the wrong button & you’re just dropping it like a hot potato, giving your opponent a breather. Get it center ring, press X/A, & watch your wrestler get it in position. Standing at its foot? Press R1/RB & start your climb; your superstar does the heavy lifting, scaling automatically.



Blocking Your Rival in Their Tracks

As your adversary starts their climb to victory, it’s do or die. Quick thinking & quicker moves are needed to halt them in their ascent. Here’s what you can do:


  • Scale the opposite side with R1/RB & smack ’em with Square/X or X/A. Send ’em tumbling & you’ve just carved out your chance to win.


  • Or, why not tip the ladder over with Circle/B? You’ll enter a mini-game where rapid button tapping decides who falls & who stays upright.



Dominating the Ladder Mini-Game

Reaching the top’s just part of the challenge… Winning the match means mastering the mini-game before an interruption.


Circle the ball around with the right stick, aiming for the gap in the rotating circle. Moving counter to the circle’s spin might speed things up… As the ball hovers over the gap, push it through with R2/RT as it turns green, filling up a part of your victory meter. Nail this 5 times & you’re the champ… Just remember, progress is shared; so if you’ve nearly filled the meter & get stopped, your opponent can snag the win with just one successful attempt.



Ladders: Not Just for Climbing

Ladders serve dual purposes here – not just for climbing, but also for doling out pain.


  • Pick it up with L1/LB & let loose on your opponent with Square/X or X/A.


  • Lean it against a corner & whip your opponent into it, setting up for some close combat.


  • Emulate the legendary Shawn Michaels by climbing with R1 & diving onto an opponent below with an attack button.



A Spectacular Dive Outside

Amp up your game with a high-flying attack from inside the ring to the outside.


  • Lean the ladder against the ropes with X/A.


  • Charge it with L2/LT & launch an attack at the peak with a strike button.


Miss the timing & no worries – your wrestler lands safely, ready to fight another round.



Building a Ladder Bridge

Looking to really put the hurt on? Create a Ladder Bridge between the ring apron & the announcer’s table for some devastating moves. This trick’s exclusive to the right side of the ring.


  • Get it set with R2/RT & L1/LB.


  • There are countless ways to use this to your advantage, from slamming your opponent onto it or diving from the top rope for an unforgettable impact…


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