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How to Get Oddities in WWE 2K24

How to Get Oddities in WWE 2K24

Oddities in WWE 2K24? They’re like your golden tickets or, better yet, your backstage passes to unlocking some super cool stuff in the game… We’re talking Persona Cards of your fav wrestlers, decked out in various attires that ain’t just gonna appear outta nowhere. To snag these cards, you gotta collect Odditiesfive of them for each set of Persona Cards, to be precise.


Think of Oddities as collectible currency but, like, way cooler because they’re specific to the superstars. Each WWE icon has their unique set of Oddities waiting for you to find them… And yeah, the game’s got 25 of these unique items, unlocking five different Persona Cards.



Breaking Down the Persona Cards & Their Oddities

Let’s dive into some examples to give you the lowdown:


  • Cody Rhodes comes at you with an Arm Cast, Mask, a stylish Robe, Stardust Attire, and don’t overlook the Weightlifting Belt.


  • Seth Rollins rolls in with Big Red Boots, that iconic Monday Night Messiah Jacket, Sunglasses (because you gotta block out the haters), a Torch, and a Tactical Vest for those moments that get a bit intense.


  • The Rock is all about that charisma with a $500 Shirt (you know it’s all about the bling), “Just Bring It” Shirt, Nation of Domination Hat, Rocky Maiviaโ€™s Entrance, and The People’s Elbow Pad for that signature flair.


  • Trick Williams makes an entrance with Boxing Gloves, Boxing Shorts, a Cuban Link Chain that’s all shine, No Mercy Boots, and the Tricky Willy Hat because, well, why not make a statement?


  • The Bloodline is keeping it tight with Rikishiโ€™s Sunglasses, Solo and Umagaโ€™s Thumb Wrap, Ula Lei, Umagaโ€™s Waist Wrap, & Yokozunaโ€™s Mawashi, showcasing their rich legacy and the power of family bonds in the ring.



Hunting Down Those Oddities

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Cool, cool, cool… but how do I get these Oddities?” Glad you asked, cause it ain’t just about laying the smackdown.


Live Events Participation: This is your bread & butter for Oddity hunting. WWE 2K24’s live events are a revolving door of opportunities, with new Oddities on the line every week. Keep an eye out & dive in; just remember, what’s available this week might be gone the next.


Weekly Tower Mode: Don’t sleep on the Weekly Tower mode either. It’s another prime spot for Oddity collection, with challenges that’ll test your mettle & reward you handsomely.


Online Ranking Mode: Lastly, if you’re all about that competitive life, climbing the ranks in Online Ranking Mode can drop some sweet Oddities into your lap. The higher you climb -> the better the loot.


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