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How to Win the Royal Rumble in WWE 2K24

How to Win the Royal Rumble in WWE 2K24

Winning the Royal Rumble is like the big leagues, where every superstar dreams of making it big & landing that sweet, sweet title match at Wrestlemania. So, you ready to throw down & emerge victorious? Let’s get into it…



Choosing Your Superstar

First things first, picking your superstar is like choosing your weapon before a big fight. You wanna go with someone who’s got the juice, you know? High ratings are your best bet, ’cause they can last longer & got the moves to back it up. Think Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, or for the ladies, Rhea Ripley & Becky Lynch are solid choices. Now, if you’re feeling spicy & wanna challenge, picking someone with a rating under 80 is like playing on hard mode… but hey, more power to ya!



The Art of Elimination

Now, the Royal Rumble is all about sending folks flying over the top rope… and there’s a few ways to do this:



Clothesline Elimination

The bread & butter move. You wanna position your opponent right against the rope. How? Either drag ’em there or light ’em up until they’re staggering back to the ropes. Then, you hold L2/LT, charge at ’em with X or Square on PlayStation, or X or A on Xbox… and BAM, over they go. But keep it tight, if they reverse it, you’re the one taking the flight.



Grapple Elimination

This one’s all about getting up close & personal. Grab your opponent with Circle/B, then it’s game time with the submission mini-game. Rapidly tap the indicated button & show ’em who’s boss.



Carry Elimination

Feeling strong? This one’s for showcasing that powerhouse vibe. Grapple ’em with Circle or B, then hit R1 or RB + direction to haul them to the ropes. Press Circle or B again & win that struggle mini-game to dump ’em over the top.



Finisher Elimination

Oh, this is the showstopper. Make sure you got a finisher ready (that yellow bar’s gotta be full), then grapple them with Circle/B, drag ’em to the ropes with L1/LB, & unleash hell with R2 & X/RT & A. If done right, they ain’t coming back.



Stayin’ Alive

Now, winning ain’t just about tossing folks out of the ring… it’s also about not getting tossed yourself. So, pro tip? Stay away from the ropes when you can, especially if you’re already taking a beating. And always, always keep an eye on reversals, ’cause getting too predictable is like asking to be sent flying.



Mastering the Mini-Games

These mini-games ain’t just for show… they’re your ticket to staying in the match & sending others packing. So get good at ’em. The quicker you are -> the better your chances.


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