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WWE 2K24 PlayStation 4 & 5 Controls Guide

WWE 2K24 PlayStation 4 & 5 Controls Guide

Yo, the big day’s finally here… Time to hit up GameStop, stand in line and snag the latest WWE 2K. It’s kinda become a yearly ritual for me & loads of others, really something we look forward to. Nothing tops the feeling of coming home, sliding that disc in & just waiting while the game updates. Waiting’s a drag, but it’s pretty much the norm with games now.


Diving into the newest WWE 2K is always a blast. All your favorite wrestlers, an awesome character creator & the ring ready for action. With WWE 2K24 hitting the shelves, it’s shaping up to be even better.


PlayStation crew, we’re always in for a solid WWE experience & I’m sure many PS4/PS5 players are already deep into the latest release. But this isn’t the same old WWE 2K… WWE 2K24 is user-friendly but also packs a punch in terms of gameplay depth. If you wanna master this game, no shame in needing a little help.


So, I’m here to drop a handy control guide for all you PlayStation WWE 2K24 gamers. Whether you’re rocking a PS4 or PS5 (with those sweet graphics), this guide’s for you. Keep it close for those quick mid-match consults.



PlayStation 4 & 5 Controls

Basic Controls

  • Wake Up Taunt: Press D-Pad Up to encourage your character to get up with enthusiasm.


  • Taunt Crowd: Use D-Pad Left to interact with the audience, boosting your charisma.


  • Taunt Opponent: Hit D-Pad Right to mock or challenge your opponent, adding psychological warfare to the match.


  • Change Payback: Press D-Pad Down to switch your comeback strategy or special ability.


  • Pause Game: The Options Button allows you to take a break by pausing the game.


  • Movement: Use the Left Stick to move your character around the ring.


  • Change Target: Click R3 to shift your focus to another opponent in multi-fighter scenarios.


  • Grab: The Circle button lets you grasp your opponent for various moves.


  • Reversal: Tap Triangle to counter an opponent’s move, or hold Triangle to block, reducing damage from incoming attacks.


  • Light Attack: Quick, less damaging strikes are executed with Square.


  • Heavy Attack: Use X for more powerful, but slower attacks.


  • Pin Attempt: Push Right Stick Down to try and pin your opponent for a win.


  • Pick Up Object: Press L1 to grab objects that can be used as weapons.


  • Re-position Opponent: Adjust your opponent’s position by moving the Right Stick while pressing D-Pad Up, Left, or Right.


  • Activate Payback: Combine R2 + Triangle for a special counter or move when in a tough spot.


  • Submission Move: Use R2 + Circle to attempt a submission, forcing your opponent to tap out.


  • Signature Move: Press R2 + Square to perform a unique move that can set up for a finisher.


  • Finisher: Execute your character’s ultimate move with R2 + X to potentially end the match.



Advanced Controls


After Grabbing (Circle):

  • Light Grapple Attacks: Combine Left Stick in any direction with Square.


  • Heavy Grapple Attacks: Use Left Stick in any direction plus X.


  • Irish Whip: Send your opponent running with Left Stick plus Circle.


  • Strong Irish Whip: A more powerful version with Left Stick and holding Circle.




  • After a Light Attack (Square), keep pressing Square, X, or Circle to chain attacks into a combo.




  • During an Opponent’s Grab or Combo: Press Square, X, or Circle to counter with the same type of move.




  • To Initiate Carry: After grabbing with Circle, press R1 + Left Stick.


  • Interrupt into Carry: During certain grapples, press R1 to switch to a carry.


  • From Carry Position: Use Square for environmental attacks, X to slam, and Circle to throw your opponent.


  • Escape Carry (As Defender): Rapidly tap Circle.


  • Change Carry Position: Move the Right Stick in any direction for different carry positions.




After a Grab (X):

  • Initiate Drag: Press L1 while holding a grab.


  • Release Drag: Press L1 again.


  • Move (While Dragging): Use the Left Stick.


  • Environmental Attack (While Dragging): Press Square.


  • Escape Drag (As Defender): Rapidly tap Circle.



Object Interaction

  • Pick Up/Grab Object: Use L1.


  • Climb Ladder: Press R1.


  • Primary Attack with Object: Square.


  • Secondary Attack or Place Object: X.


  • Drop Object: Circle.


  • Lift Opponent onto Table: Move the Right Stick Up when facing an opponent leaning against a table.


  • Block: Hold Y to defend against attacks.


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