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WWE 2K24: The Ultimate Guide to War Games

WWE 2K24: The Ultimate Guide to War Games

Yo WWE enthusiasts! Get ready ‘cause we’re about to jump into the chaos that is the War Games match in WWE 2K24… If you thought last year’s edition was cool, this year’s is gonna absolutely rock your world with the comeback of this legendary match type. Now, pay attention, we’re gonna lay down everything you need to know, from the rules to those awesome strategies that’ll get you winning in no time.



What’s the Buzz about War Games?

Kickin’ it off, War Games is where chaos meets strategy in a mind-blowing mash-up. Picture this: two squads, rocking three to four wrestlers each, throwing down in not just one, but two rings, all caged up. Sounds wicked, right? Fans dig it for a reason, all thanks to the genius of Dusty Rhodes. It’s all about the timing—wrestlers tag in one by one, turning up the chaos dial until the ring’s packed & it’s game on for real.



Basics: Playing War Games in WWE 2K24

The game lays out the rules, but let’s keep it 100—it’s easy to gloss over the nitty-gritty when you’re pumped to start smashing… so here’s what’s up:


  • Teams & Entry: Your team can have three or four wrestlers. They enter the cage one by one, timed perfectly. Once everybody’s in, the announcer goes, “War Games has begun!” & boom – it’s game time.


  • Winning: Forget the Elimination Chamber; this is where you only need to pin one opponent to win. Stay focused & work with your squad to corner & pin an opponent.



Weapons? Heck, Yes!

War Games is all out, meaning weapons aren’t just allowed, they’re a must… Eager to level up your game with some gear? Here’s how:


  • Grabbing Weapons: As your next teammate is about to join, you’ll see a prompt (hit L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox) to grab a weapon from under the ring. Pick your favorite, and bring it into the cage to turn the tide or just to enjoy giving your rivals a hard time.



The Cage: Use It Wisely

That huge cage is more than decoration; it’s a weapon, a strategy, and sometimes, your ticket to victory. Here’s how to make it work for you:


  • Throwing Opponents: Got an opponent trapped? Toss ’em into the steel cage by pressing Circle/B, then hold L1/LB & press Square/X when you see the cue to smash them against the cage wall.


  • Climbing & Diving: Want to take a risk? Get close to the cage and press R1/RB + L stick towards it to climb. At the top, a timely press of Circle/B will send you diving onto your foe.


  • Diving Attacks: Already perching on the cage? Hit R1/RB to stand up tall, then X/A for a leap of faith attack. It’s risky business, but the payoff? Absolutely epic.



Winning Like a Champ

Sure, pinfalls and submissions get the job done, but why not go out with a bang? Kick your opponent out of the cage, Royal Rumble style, for a win that’ll have the crowd losing their minds:


  • Epic Exit by High-Flying Finale: With the gang all caged up, climb to the top for a showdown. Got a finisher queued up? Unleash it with R2/RT+X/A to send your opponent flying off the top, clinching a win that’ll have everyone talking.


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