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WWE 2K24 Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Controls Guide

WWE 2K24 Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Controls Guide

Ever dreamt of stepping into that WWE ring, where the lights blind ya & the crowd’s roaring so loud you can barely think? WWE 2K24 on Xbox?? That’s where it’s at… The graphics? Insane. Gameplay? Smoother than ever… It’s like, the closest thing to living out those wrestle mania dreams without actually getting body slammed IRL.


But here’s the real talk: wanna own the ring in WWE 2K24, you gotta get those controls down. Not just kinda know ‘em, but like, have ‘em down cold. That’s why we’re dropping this guide right here – your ultimate cheat sheet to mastering every move, counter, & finisher on the Xbox.



Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Controls

Basic Controls

  • Wake Up Taunt: Press D-Pad Up to perform a wake-up taunt.


  • Taunt Crowd: Use D-Pad Left to taunt the crowd.


  • Taunt Opponent: Press D-Pad Right to taunt your opponent.


  • Change Payback: Switch your payback move with D-Pad Down.


  • Pause: Press the Menu Button to pause the game.


  • Move: Navigate your character using the Left Stick.


  • Change Target: Toggle your target with R3.


  • Grab: Use the B button to grab your opponent.


  • Reversal: Press Y to perform a reversal.


  • Block: Hold Y to block incoming attacks.


  • Light Attack: Tap X for light attacks.


  • Heavy Attack: Press A for heavy attacks.


  • Pin: Push the Right Stick Down to pin your opponent.


  • Pick Up Object: Use LB to pick up objects.


  • Re-position Opponent: Move your opponent with Right Stick + D-Pad Up, Left, and Right.


  • Payback: Execute a payback move with RT + Y.


  • Submission: Apply a submission hold with RT + B.


  • Signature: Perform your signature move with RT + X.


  • Finisher: Use your finisher move with RT + A.



Advanced Controls


After Grab (B):

  • Light Grapple Attacks: Combine Left Stick Any Direction + X.


  • Heavy Grapple Attacks: Use Left Stick Any Direction + A.


  • Irish Whip: Execute an Irish whip with Left Stick Any Direction + B.


  • Strong Irish Whip: Perform a strong Irish whip by holding B after directing with the Left Stick.




  • After a Light Attack (X), continue pressing X, A, or B to perform combos.




  • Counter an opponent’s grab or combo with X, A, or B to perform a breaker.




  • Initiate Carry: After grabbing with Circle, press RB + Left Stick.


  • Interrupt into Carry: During a qualifying grapple, press RB.


  • Environmental Attack: While carrying press X.


  • Slam: Press A while carrying.


  • Throw Over Ropes / Off Stage: Use B during a carry.


  • Escape Carry: As the defender, tap B repeatedly.


  • Change Carry Position: Use the Right Stick in any direction.


Powerbomb: RB + Left Stick Up


Cradle: RB + Left Stick Down


Fireman’s Carry: RB + Left Stick Left


Shoulder Carry: RB + Left Stick Right




After Grab (A):

  • Initiate Drag: Start dragging with LB.


  • Release Drag: Stop dragging by pressing LB again.


  • Move: Navigate while dragging with the Left Stick.


  • Environmental Attack: Perform an attack with X while dragging.


  • WHIP: Use B to whip.


  • Escape Drag: As the defender, tap B repeatedly.




  • Pick Up Object: Use LB.


  • Grab Object From Under the Ring: At the apron, press LB.


  • Climb Ladder: Use RB.


  • Primary Attack: Attack with X.


  • Secondary Attack / Place Object: Use A.


  • Drop Object: Press B to drop an object.


  • Block: Hold Y to block while holding an object.


  • Lift Opponent onto Table: Facing an opponent leaning against a table, use Right Stick Up.


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