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How to Create a Survivor Series Match in WWE 2K24

How to Create a Survivor Series Match in WWE 2K24

Now, for those in the know, the Survivor Series match isn’t just any match – it’s an epic elimination tag team showdown where two teams, each made up of four wrestling powerhouses, duke it out until only one team stands tall. The goal? To systematically eliminate your opponents through pinfall, submission, count-out, or disqualification… but here’s the kicker in WWE 2K24, you’ve gotta DIY this setup.



Getting Started with Custom Matches

First thing’s first, pop open that creations menu. You’re looking for the “Custom Matches” option. Once you’ve found it, highlight that & select “New.”



Setting Up Your Match

Now, you’re gonna want to select “8-Man Matches” & hit Accept… but don’t rush through! The devil’s in the details:


  • Set “Pin or Submission” to Both. This ensures a true Survivor Series vibe, where eliminations can occur via pinfall or submission.


  • For that authentic feel, make sure KOs, DQs (disqualifications), & Ring Outs are all set to active. This ain’t no playground brawl; it’s WWE.


  • Crucially, flip the Elimination option to on. It’s not Survivor Series without eliminations, right?


  • If you’re not in the mood for a marathon match, tweak the finishers to three & adjust health settings to low or medium… Trust me, it’ll save time & keep the excitement high.


  • Decide on the weapons situation. Wanna add some extra spice? Include weapons stored underneath the ring. It’s all about personal preference.



Naming & Saving Your Masterpiece

Alright, you’ve set the stage. Now, it’s time to make it official. Give your match type a name – “Survivor Series” sounds about right, yeah? Save it & bask in the glory of creation.



Bringing Your Match to Life

With your match saved, it’s showtime. Hit up Play, dive into Match Type, & select Custom Matches. Your Survivor Series match should be there, waiting like a hidden treasure. Pick the Survivor Series arena for that extra touch of authenticity & confirm your choice.


Now, the fun part: picking your warriors. Choose wisely, because these are the heroes & villains who will be enacting your meticulously planned drama.



Expanding the Universe

Don’t stop at Exhibition matches. Your Survivor Series match deserves the grand stage. Here’s how to integrate it into Universe Mode:


  • Slide into Universe Mode & opt to Edit Shows. You can add your match to Raw, NXT, Smackdown, or even a brand new show you concoct in an empty slot.


  • Using the Universe menu, find the Calendar & use R1/RB to locate the Survivor Series event in November. A classic touch…


  • Dive into Match Table in classic Universe Mode, select None to add a new match, & choose your Survivor Series match to add it to the card.



Save & Revel in Your Creation

Hit Save, & just like that, you’ve introduced both the Wargames & the classic elimination-style War Games into your Universe events.


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