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WWE 2K24: How to Get a 5-Star Match Rating

WWE 2K24: How to Get a 5-Star Match Rating

Getting to that 5-Star Glory

To snatch that 5-star match rating, you gotta put on a show that wows the crowd & captures the drama of professional wrestling like never before… It’s all about performance, baby. Here’s the rundown on what you need to focus on:


  • Defensive Prowess: Ain’t nothing screams ‘pro’ more than nailing those defensive moves. Timing is key here. Perfectly timing counter moves ain’t just about showing off your skills, it’s about keeping the momentum & making sure the crowd is always on their toes…


  • Signature Offense: You gotta bring it & bring it hard. Use your wrestler’s signature moves to dominate your opponent & let the crowd know who’s boss. These moves are your bread & butter; make ’em count.


  • Memorable Moments: This here’s the spice of wrestling, folks. Those moments that have everyone talking days after the match? That’s what you’re aiming for. Think awe-inspiring dives from the top rope or a finisher move that no one sees coming…


  • Heightened Drama: We’re talking nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat action. The classic kick-out at the last second, escaping a submission hold when it looks like all is lost; these moments jack up the drama & send those ratings soaring.


  • Varied Offense: Keep ’em guessing with a mix of moves. The more unpredictable & varied your offense, the more the crowd gets into it, & the better your chances of nailing that 5-star match rating…



The Longer, the Better

Here’s the deal, the longer your match stretches, & the more drama it packs, the higher your rating climbs… But it’s not just about dragging things out; it’s about making every second count with high drama & suspense.



The Art of the Kick-Out & Escape

Nothing quite gets a crowd going like a wrestler kicking out just before the three-count or wriggling free from a submission hold at the last possible moment… These are your go-to moves for cranking up the drama & keeping the audience glued to their seats.



Show Off That Defense & Let ‘Em Land a Few

Showing off your defensive chops while letting your opponent land the occasional hit (and pinning you down while you attempt to kick out) keeps the action flowing & earns you more XP… Remember, the more you delay the win, the greater the XP & the higher the match rating you snag.



Super Finishers & Signature Moves

To really leave a mark, don’t shy away from pulling off those super finishers & signature moves… These not only make the match unforgettable but significantly boost your rating.



Wrapping It Up

In essence, snagging that 5-star match rating in WWE 2K24 comes down to how much you can pump up the crowd & keep ’em hanging on every move… Increase the drama, deliver an unforgettable performance, & you’re golden.


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