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How to Win a Casket Match in WWE 2K24

How to Win a Casket Match in WWE 2K24

Casket Matches throw the standard rule book out the window. There’s no pinning, no submission, no count-outs, & disqualifications are a thing of the past. Your one & only goal? Slamming that casket lid shut with your opponent nicely tucked inside. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, not so fast. The catch here is your opponent ain’t gonna just hop into the casket on their own. You gotta wear ’em down, real bad.



Dealing the Damage

To get started, you’re gonna want to inflict a ton of damage. We’re talking using every trick in your playbook – finishers, weapons (oh yeah, those are fair game here), & anything else you can think of to make sure they’re more than just a little groggy. Weapons are your best friends here & there’s no shortage under the ring. Just remember, the goal is to soften ’em up so they can’t resist when you make your move to the casket.



Into the Casket They Go

There’s two ways to go about this, either from inside the ring or by taking the action outside.



From Inside the Ring:

While the chaos outside the ring can be tempting, sometimes keeping things in the squared circle gives you a better shot at controlling the match. Here’s your game plan:


  • After you’ve dished out significant damage, use the right stick to pick up your opponent.


  • Grapple them with the Circle/B Button & press R1/RB to initiate a carry.


  • Walk over to the left side of the ring & when the moment feels just right, press Circle/B again to toss them over the ropes. This ain’t just any throw – it’s a cinematic moment where your opponent clings to the ropes & you get to give ’em a nice kick straight into the casket.


  • Jump out of the ring, standing proud next to your handiwork, & press L1/LB to start a mini-game that’s all about closing that lid.


  • Hit the buttons as indicated on-screen like your life depends on it & if you do it right, that lid is gonna shut with a satisfying thud… Victory!



From Outside the Ring:

If inside the ring ain’t cutting it or you just want to make use of all the space you got, taking the fight outside opens up some interesting strategies.


  • Lay down the hurt, big time.


  • Get your opponent standing (using a little persuasion if needed), then grapple with Circle/B Button, or pick ’em up first with the right stick & press R1/RB to hoist them onto your shoulders.


  • March ’em over to the casket & when the game prompts you, press Square/X to dump them in like last week’s trash.


  • Stand at the casket’s end & hit L1/LB when told to, kickstarting that crucial mini-game.


  • Mash those buttons as if there’s no tomorrow & outpace your opponent in this digital tug-of-war to slam the lid shut & bag the win.



Turning the Casket Into a Weapon

Oh, & the casket ain’t just for show or the final resting place of your opponent’s hopes & dreams… You can use it to inflict a bit more pain & suffering. Dragging or carrying your battered foe to the casket & using Square/X to introduce their head to it can be quite effective. It’s a bit of insult to injury, or a strategic move to soften ’em up before the final act… your call.


Winning a Casket Match in WWE 2K24 requires a mix of brute force, cunning, & timing… Knowing when to strike & how to use your environment to your advantage is key. Remember, it’s all about the spectacle, the drama, & that ultimate moment of triumph when the casket lid closes. So, take these tips, get in the ring, & show ’em how it’s done… WWE style.


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