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How to Use Submissions in WWE 2K24

How to Use Submissions in WWE 2K24

Hey, WWE 2K24 fanatics! Ready to choke out the competition & claim that sweet, sweet victory? You’re in the right spot. Let’s dive deep into the art of submissions in WWE 2K24, cause let me tell ya, mastering this is like holding the key to the kingdom. We’re talking detailed breakdowns, insider tips, & those tiny details that’ll make your opponents tap faster than you can say “Tap Out!”



Understanding the Submission System

First things first, you gotta understand the battlefield, & in WWE 2K24, your battlefield is your opponent’s body. Think of it as a map, & you’re on a treasure hunt, except the treasure is your opponent’s breaking point.



Wearing Down Your Opponent

Your game plan? Wear ’em down. How? Target those body parts like there’s no tomorrow. Every slam, every grapple, it’s all about painting that body indicator as red as a ripe tomato. The redder, the better… cause that’s when they’re ripe for the picking.



The Art of Submission

Standing Submissions: Here’s the scene – you’re standing, they’re wobbling, it’s go time. Press R2 and Circle on PlayStation or RT and B on Xbox & boom, you’ve got them in your clutches. But hey, timing is everything. Wait for that perfect dazed moment to strike, less chance they’ll wiggle out of it.


Grounded Submissions: Got ’em on the ground? Perfect. It’s like choosing your own adventure:


  • For the upper body, cozy up near their head… R2 and Circle on PlayStation or RT and B on Xbox.


  • Mid-body’s your target? Sidle up beside them & hit the same combo.


  • Lower body, same deal, but near their legs. It’s all about positioning, folks.



Reversal Into Submission

This one’s for the highlight reel. Catch their kick (Square or X on PlayStation or X or Y on Xbox), & while they’re hopping on one foot, wondering what day it is, slap on that submission with R2 and Circle on PlayStation or RT and B on Xbox. Not just any submission, though; we’re talking finishing moves, signature styles. The crowd goes wild.



Assigning Those Signature Moves

Don’t forget, some legends like Kurt Angle & Bret Hart come pre-loaded with submission finishers that’ll make your opponent see stars. But hey, maybe you wanna customize. Dive into that Move-Set menu, assign those moves, & make ’em yours. It’s like tailoring your own victory suit.



Key Takeaways

  • Body Indicator is Your Best Friend: Keep an eye on it, love it, cherish it. It’s your roadmap to victory.


  • Positioning is King: Whether you’re standing or they’re grounded, where you are matters. Choose wisely.


  • Timing is Queen: Wait for those dazed, defenseless moments to strike. It’s about patience, young grasshopper.


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