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How to Unlock Post Malone in WWE 2K24

How to Unlock Post Malone in WWE 2K24

Post Malone, the iconic artist known for his unique blend of music, is steppin’ from the concert stage to the wrestling ring in WWE 2K24. But here’s the scoop; you won’t find Post hangin’ with the regular roster on day one, Nope, he’s special… He headlines the Post Malone & Friends Pack, a premium DLC (that’s downloadable content for those not in the loop) that’s a must-have for fans & gamers alike. But don’t worry, snaggin’ this pack is definitely worth the extra steps.


Mark your calendars for June 26, ’cause that’s when you can dive into the action with the Post Malone & Friends Pack… It’s not just about Post Malone makin’ his WWE debut; he’s bringin’ a legendary crew with him. The pack features wrestlin’ stars like Sensational Sherri, Mosh, Thrasher, Honky Tonk Man, & Jimmy Hart as a manager. Plus, you get MyFaction Cards for each of these characters, which is pretty awesome if you’re lookin’ to dominate in every game mode.


If you’re thinkin’, “I’ve gotta have this,” here’s how it breaks down; If you went all in & picked up the Deluxe or Forty Years of WrestleMania Editions of WWE 2K24, you’re already ahead of the game. The Post Malone & Friends Pack is included, no extra action required on your part. Just wait until June 26, & you’re all set to download & enjoy…


But if you opted for the standard edition or missed the pre-order bonuses, no stress… You’re not out of luck. You can still get your hands on the Post Malone & Friends Pack by itself. Make sure your console or PC is connected to the net, head over to the game’s DLC marketplace, & you can purchase & download the pack from there.


And remember, the Post Malone pack is just one part of a bigger picture… WWE 2K24 is rollin’ out a series of DLC packs over the year, kinda like a continuous celebration for wrestling fans:


  • May 15: The ECW Punk Pack kicks things off


  • June 26: Post Malone’s big entrance


  • July 24: Time for the Pat McAfee Pack


  • September 20: Global Superstars Pack makes its mark


  • November 13: The WCW Pack wraps it up


Each pack brings its own unique flair & additions to the roster, so keep an eye out & maybe set a reminder or two… You wouldn’t wanna miss any of ’em, right?


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