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How to Perform a Catch Finisher in WWE 2K24

How to Perform a Catch Finisher in WWE 2K24

Catch finishers? They’re seriously the highlight reel stuff in wrestling, like when Brock Lesnar caught a flying Rey Mysterio for an F5, totally out of the blue. If you’re aiming to pull off those jaw-dropping finishers in WWE 2K24, here’s your playbook for executing a catch finisher.



How to Perform a Catch Finisher in WWE 2K24

Your best bet is to pull off this badass move from an Irish Whip. It’s available for a good chunk of the roster, depending on their finishing move. These finishers are quick since your opponent is coming at you, meaning you gotta be sharp with your timing. Here’s the breakdown:


  • First up, make sure your wrestler has a finishing move stored up.


  • Press the Circle or B button aimed at your opponent & steer them toward the ropes with the directional stick.


  • As they’re rebounding towards you, hit the L1 or LB button before they’re within grabbing distance to lift them up.


  • Right after your opponent is lifted, press the R2 and Square or RT and X button to unleash the Catch Finisher and slam your opponent down.


In this year’s WWE 2K, Catch Finishers are primarily executed from an Irish Whip position, a bit of a change from those Top Rope Catch Finishers in previous games. Not every member of the WWE 2K24 roster can execute a Catch Finisher, but there’s a select group that can. You’ll generally know based on the setup required for their signature moves, but superstars known for spears, chokeholds, lifting opponents on their shoulders, or delivering kicks, are likely able to perform a catch finisher. Look out for stars like Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Kane, John Cena, The Rock, & Roman Reigns… though there are definitely a few more who can pull it off.


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