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How to Do a Finisher through the Announce Table in WWE 2K24

How to Do a Finisher through the Announce Table in WWE 2K24

Ever dreamed of smashing your opponent through that announce table just like the Undertaker tombstoning Mankind? This is not just a show of strength; it’s a statement, a way to tell your opponent & the audience that you’re here to dominate… So, if you’re ready to bring the house down & leave a lasting impression, here’s the play-by-play on how to execute that jaw-dropping finisher through the announce table.



Getting Ready

First things first, you gotta ensure your wrestler is all juiced up with at least one stored finisher… If you’re running on empty, those announce tables might as well be for show. Got that finisher? Sweet, let’s move outside the ring where the real fun begins.



Setting the Stage

Alright, look around for that announce table. It’s not just there for commentary; it’s your playground now… Clear that table with a swift L1/LB, getting rid of those pesky monitors & papers. Your opponent ain’t gonna know what hit ’em.



The Classic Finisher Move

  • Grab your dazed opponent with Circle/B—gently, now; we’re not savages.


  • Now, you’ve got two choices:


Either press L1/LB to walk ’em to the table, and they’ll lean against it like they’re waiting for a bus.


Or get fancy with a little Irish Whip using the left stick + Circle/B, sending them towards the table like a rocket.


  • Once they’re nicely propped against the table, use the R stick up to hoist ’em onto it… They should be looking pretty comfy by now.


  • Time to join the party. Press R1/RB to climb onto the table yourself.


  • Here’s the climax: With both of ya standing on the table, it’s showtime. Hit that finisher with R2/RT+X/A & watch the fireworks.



Taking It to the Skies: The Diving Finisher

Fancy yourself a high-flyer? Check this out:


  • Store that precious finisher; you’re gonna need it.


  • Lead or whip your opponent to the outside, near the announce table.


  • Lay them flat on the table by moving the R stick upward—like they’re about to take a little nap.


  • Sprint back into the ring with L2/LT because it’s about to get aerial.


  • Climb the nearest turnbuckle (still holding L2/LT)—the higher, the better.


  • Unleash the fury from above with R2/RT+X/A, diving through your opponent & the table.



Pro Tips

  • Remember, try pulling off these stunts in matches without count-outs like No DQ, Extreme Rules, or Last Man Standing matches… Wouldn’t wanna win by a technicality, would we?


  • You can make any wrestler the ultimate table destroyer by customizing their move set in WWE 2K24… Flexibility is key.


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