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How to Perform the Double Finisher in WWE 2K24

How to Perform the Double Finisher in WWE 2K24

Alright, WWE 2K24 gamers, buckle up ’cause I’m about to spill the tea on pullin’ off that insane double finisher move you’ve been dyin’ to master… You know, the kinda move that leaves your opponents wishin’ they never stepped into the ring with you? Yeah, that one. So, let’s dive right in & turn you into the ring legend you’re meant to be.



Getting Down & Dirty with the Double Finisher

First things first, the double finisher isn’t for the faint of heart… It’s the ultimate show of dominance, kinda like when the Undertaker summons all the forces of the underworld to lay waste to two dudes at once. It’s that epic. Now, not every wrestler comes ready with this move locked & loaded. We’re talking elite names like the Undertaker, Kane, & John Cena have got this in their back pocket. But hey, don’t sweat it if your fav isn’t on this list. I got a workaround for ya.



Prep Work: Setting the Stage

Before you go dreamin’ of double finishers, you gotta set the scene. We’re talking multi-person matches here – tag team, Triple Threat, or Fatal Fourway… the more, the merrier, right? And here’s the deal โ†’ you need at least one finisher in the bank. No finisher? No double whammy. Keep that in mind.



Step 1: Cornering Your Prey

Grab your first unlucky opponent & introduce them to the corner with a classic Irish Whip using Circle/B. Then, nudge ’em onto the corner turnbuckle facing forward with Circle/B+Left stick. But here’s where you gotta be slick, make sure they’re properly dazed before you bring in opponent number two.



Step 2: Stack ‘Em Up

Got your second victim? Perfect. Give ’em the ol’ Irish Whip into the same corner to stack ’em up like sardines. Trust me, seeing them piled up is gonna give you a wicked grin ’cause it’s about to go down.



The Main Event: Unleashing Hell

Now for the moment of truth… March over to your neatly stacked opponents and hit R2/RT+X/A to unleash the fury of the double finisher. This, my friends, is your mic drop moment.



But Wait, There’s a Twist! Customizin’ Your Mayhem

Feeling bummed ’cause your go-to wrestler can’t naturally pull off this stunt? Chill, I gotchu. Slide into the Creations tab, select Move-Sets, pick your wrestler, and navigate straight to Finisher > Other. Look for the 1 vs. 2 Finisher option, snag it, save it, & voilร ! You’ve just customized your way into double finisher glory.



Wrappin’ It Up

Now remember, folks, with great power comes… well, a heck of a lot of fun, tbh. Armed with this guide, you’re ready to not just impress but outright dazzle your friends & foes alike in WWE 2K24. Keep grindin’, perfectin’, & most importantly, showin’ off that ring flair…


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