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WWE 2K24: Cheats and Secrets

WWE 2K24: Cheats and Secrets

Unlock the Elite John Cena Action Figure

First up, who doesn’t want an elite John Cena action figure in their roster? To unlock this bad boy, all you gotta do is head into MyFaction mode & punch in the locker code YOURSTORY2K24. Bam, you’re welcome… You’ll snag a special MyFaction pack with the Cena card & a sweet 7,500 VC to boot. Once redeemed, mosey on over to the store tab, crack open the elite John Cena pack, & there he is. Ready to hustle, loyalty, & respect his way through exhibition matches.



Weapons Galore & How to Use ‘Em

WWE 2K24 ain’t holding back with the arsenal this year, folks. We’re talking a massive update to weapons including the ability to yeet those bad boys across the ring. Want to know the new additions? Here’s the rundown:


  • Trash Can: Not just for garbage anymore. Place it, throw your opponent into it, & watch the chaos unfold…


  • Black Guitar: Smash it over someone’s head & witness a spectacular breaking animation. Pure satisfaction.


  • WWE Microphone: Comes with special taunts & a feedback effect that’s music to your ears. Literally.


  • Chancla: Because nothing says “you’re done” like getting smacked with a flip-flop.


  • Slim Jim: Beat your opponent with this meaty treat for some unique audio effects.



Customize Your Freeze Payback

Got an opponent that’s a little too hot to handle? Cool ’em down with the freeze payback feature. Even cooler, you can customize the animation to your liking. Choose from intimidating motions or cowardly begs for mercy. With 34 animations to pick from, including the Undertaker’s dead man situp & The Rock’s iconic taunt, you’re spoilt for choice…



New Trio Entrance for The Bloodline

Feel the intensity as Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, & Solo Sikoa make their grand entrance. WWE 2K24 gives The Bloodline a brand-new trio entrance that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. It’s about making a statement & boy, does it deliver.



Ramp Camera & Why You Need It

Ever wanted to relive the glory days of SmackDown vs. Raw? With the ramp camera option, now you can. This bad boy lets you enjoy the stage & arena in all its glory, perfect for those Royal Rumble entrances. Just pause the game, flick the ramp camera option to on, & enjoy the view…



Roman Reigns’ Special Crowd Taunt

Speaking of making statements, Roman Reigns’ special crowd taunt is a game-changer. Hit the right combo & watch as the crowd throws up the ones in solidarity. It’s all about acknowledging the tribal chief, folks.



2K Showcase & Its Secrets

Last but certainly not least, the 2K Showcase. This year features an alternate ending to the Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon ladder match from WrestleMania 10. Depending on how you play, you could unlock a different ending, adding a whole layer of replayability. And let’s not forget, you can assign these epic victory animations outside of Showcase mode too…


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