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WWE 2K24: How to Perform Springboard Attacks

WWE 2K24: How to Perform Springboard Attacks

Alright folks, you’re here cuz you wanna master those springboard attacks in WWE 2K24, right? These are the show-stoppers, the kind of moves that flip the script on any match in your favor… But keep in mind, they’re a gamble, so you gotta play it smart & know exactly when & how to make your move.



How to Perform Springboard Attacks in WWE 2K24

Inside the Ring Antics

Diving into those in-ring antics that get the crowd hyped:


  • The Basics: Fired up to bounce off those ropes? Press & hold L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox, aim with the left stick at your target & smack Square/X (PlayStation) or X/A (Xbox)… This is your go-to, your secret weapon.


  • From the Ring Apron: Want to dial up the drama? Make your way to the apron with R1/RB, then clutch L1/LB, aim with the left stick at your opponent & push Square or X (PlayStation) or X or A (Xbox) to sail over those ropes & bring the heat.


  • Corner Conquest: Got your foe in sight from the corner? Hold down L1/LB, nudge that left stick towards them, & hit Square or X (PlayStation) or X or A (Xbox)… Boom, you’re flying like a missile.


  • Running Wild: Wanna add some speed to your attack? Grip L2/LT & the right stick toward the ropes to dash, then L1+Square or X (PS) or LB+X or A (Xbox) just before you crash into those ropes… And you’re airborne.



Outside the Ring Action

Time to shift the thrill outside, where chaos reigns supreme:


  • Ring to Ringside: Got an opponent hanging outside? Clasp L1, snag those ropes & press Square or X (PS) or X or A (Xbox) to dive out & make a splash… Remember, it’s all about the timing.


  • Apron Adventures: Perched on the apron? Hit R1/RB to position yourself, hold tight L1/LB & aim with the left stick… Then it’s Square or X (PlayStation) or X or A (Xbox) to leap & launch… Feels just like flying, doesn’t it?


  • Run and Dive: Got a runway to run? Hold L2/LT + the left stick towards the ropes & press L1+Square or X (PS) or LB+X or A (Xbox) right before the ropes… Leap over & hope to hit the mark.



Pro Tips

  • Don’t get too carried away with these moves; they’re eye-catching sure, but miss & it’ll cost ya in stamina & probably the match…


  • Even the heavyweights can join in on the springboard fun. Powerhouses like Roman Reigns & The Undertaker can pull these off too, so don’t underestimate ’em.


So there you go… Springboard attacks in WWE 2K24 are all about the perfect timing, showing off, & picking that exact moment to stand out. This game ain’t just for play; it’s about living those wrestling dreams to the fullest. So go ahead, make it big, keep the energy up, & who knows? You just might be the next superstar everyone’s talking about… Just keep in mind, with great moves come great risks, but hey, that’s the thrill of it, ain’t it?


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