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WWE 2K24: How to Edit WWE Wrestler’s Stats

WWE 2K24: How to Edit WWE Wrestler's Stats

Hey WWE 2k fans. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of fine-tuning those WWE 2K24 wrestler stats, cause if there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s that seeing our faves not getting the scores they deserve is like a slap in the face…



Hitting Up the Options Menu

First thing’s first, you gotta get into that Options menu. Hit R1/RB—depends if you’re on PlayStation or Xbox.



Spotting the Roster Option

Once you’re in the menu, you’re on the hunt for the “Roster” option. Might feel like you’re searching for a secret in a hidden level, but once you find and click it, you’re golden…



Getting Down to Edit Superstars

Select “Edit Superstars” and all your favorite ring warriors will show up. This is your chance to play matchmaker with the stats, picking whoever you think needs a little boost or maybe a reality check.



Fine-Tuning Attributes

After picking your wrestler, it’s time to jump into the “Attributes” section. This is where you get to play god with their capabilities. Let’s break it down a bit more:



Offensive Performance:

  • Arm Power & Leg Power: This is where you give your wrestler the strength of a bear. Increase these to ensure every punch, kick, and clothesline hits like a truck.


  • Grapple Offense: Make those grapples something to be feared. This is your bread and butter for in-close damage dealing.


  • Running Offense & Aerial Offense: For those who like their attacks with a bit of flair, these are crucial. Make every leap and dash count for more.


  • Special & Finisher: These are key to turning the tide of any match. Speed up how quickly you can unleash your wrestler’s most devastating moves.



Defensive Performance:

  • Durability (Body, Arm, Leg): Beef these up to make your wrestler as tough as nails. The goal here is to take hits like they’re nothing.


  • Reversals: Timing is everything. Improve this to flip the script on your opponent when they least expect it.


  • Pin Escape: There’s an art to wriggling out of a pin. Enhance this to keep your wrestler in the game longer…



Physical Traits:

  • Stamina & Recovery: These ensure your wrestler can go the distance, keeping them fighting fit from bell to bell.


  • Agility & Movement Speed: Quickness can be the difference between victory and defeat. Boost these to dodge, weave, and strike with lightning speed.


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