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WWE 2K24: Ultimate Guide to Lifting Opponents

WWE 2K24: Ultimate Guide to Lifting Opponents

Let’s dive into the WWE 2K24: Ultimate Guide to Lifting Opponents, where we break down the nitty-gritty of hoisting your rival off their feet & into the air, because let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of lifting & slamming your opponent to assert dominance in the ring…



Lifting Opponents in WWE 2K24

Getting a Grip on Grabs

First off, if you wanna start lifting folks, you gotta master the grab. Hit B/Circle while facing your adversary to get a good hold of them. This is your bread & butter in the art of WWE 2K24 wrestling. Don’t just mash buttons like a noob, timing is key here; do it right & you’ll have your opponent hoisted over your shoulder faster than they can say “What the heck?”



Up, Up & Away

Once you’ve snagged your opponent with that initial grab, it’s time to lift them into the air. Press RB/R1 & voila, you’re basically a wrestling version of a forklift. But here’s where it gets spicy; you’ve got options, lots of ’em. Wanna smack ’em with a light or heavy attack? Go for it. Thinking of chucking them out of the ring for some outside-the-ring drama? Be my guest. The world (or at least the ring) is your oyster…



Weaponry Wonders

In matches where the refs turn a blind eye to weapons, feel free to get creative. Tables, ladders, oh my!! Carry your lifted opponent over to these makeshift weapons & prepare for a spectacle. Whether it’s a table or the announcer’s desk, the crowd’s gonna go wild when you jump off the top rope for that epic attack. Just remember, you’ve got a ticking clock until they wiggle free from your grasp…



The Heavyweight Dilemma

Here’s the thing, trying to lift someone who’s got a lot more mass than you? It’s tough, really tough. Most times, it ain’t gonna work out. But hey, if you manage to stun them first with a flurry of attacks? Then you’ve got a fighting chance. It’s all about softening ’em up before you go for the lift.



Don’t Forget the Downed Opponents

Opponent on the mat? Perfect time to pick ’em up & keep the heat on. Stand close, grab ’em with B/Circle, and flick that right stick upwards to bring them to their feet… This is your moment to shine, hit ’em with something special or line up for a killer move from the corner ropes.



Top Rope Tactics

Wanna take things up a notch? Literally. Get your opponent with an Irish Whip into the corner (that’s B/Circle again, followed by directing them with the left stick), daze ’em, & then it’s time to lift. Move the right stick upwards & they’re on the top rope, ready for whatever you’ve got planned. Want to adjust their position? Slide that right stick to the left or right before you lift.


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