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WWE 2K24: How to Drag Grounded & Standing Opponents

WWE 2K24: How to Drag Grounded & Standing Opponents

Getting the upper hand in the ring ain’t just about throwing punches & slamming bodies… it’s also about being a strategic genius. That’s right, dragging your opponents, whether they’re lying on the mat catching their breath or standing up trying to face you, can really set you up for that sweet victory. So, here’s how you can get good at moving those wrestlers around like chess pieces.



Getting Started with Dragging

First off, you gotta understand the basics. When your opponent is down or even when they’re standing tall & looking like they’re ready for more, that’s your cue. You wanna move them to where you need them to be, like setting them up in a corner for a devastating finisher or keeping them away from those ropes to avoid a rope break during a pin.



Here’s the drill:

  • Initiating the Drag – Walk up close to your opponent, doesn’t matter if they’re playing dead on the ground or trying to stare you down. Hit Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) to grab hold of ’em. Now don’t just stand there admiring your handiwork, press L1 (PlayStation) or LB (Xbox) & the dragging starts.


  • While You’re Dragging – Here’s where it gets fun… you’re in control. Wanna let ’em go cause you’ve got something else in mind? Just press L1/LB again, simple as that. But hey, if you see an opportunity to use the environment to smash ’em up a bit, don’t hold back! Press Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) & watch the magic happen.


  • The Sweet Spot – Dragging ain’t just for show, it’s about strategy. Get your opponent away from those ropes to make your pin attempts more successful & avoid those annoying rope breaks. And if you’re setting up for something big, dragging them to the perfect spot is key.



On the Receiving End?

Nobody likes being dragged around, but hey, it happens. The trick is not to panic. If you’re fresh, you might be able to shake it off quicker & get back in the fight. But as the match drags on (see what I did there??), you might need to think about using some recovery moves to break free.



Why Bother Dragging Anyway?

Look, dragging ain’t just about looking cool (though it does add to the drama)… It’s about control. Keeping the fight where you want it, setting up bigger moves, & avoiding those pesky rope breaks during pins. It’s a game-changer, trust me.



Some Friendly Advice

  • Don’t expect to master this overnight. Get in there & start dragging every chance you get. You’ll get the hang of it.


  • Watch the stamina… If your opponent’s still got plenty of fight left, they won’t be dragged around easily. Wear ’em down first, then start moving ’em…


  • Dragging at the right time can be the difference between winning & losing. Don’t just drag for the sake of it; have a plan.


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