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PlayStation Controls – Forspoken

PlayStation Controls - Forspoken

Trapped in the mystical land of Athia, Frey Holland wields powerful spells with her magical bracelet, Cuff. To survive and find her way back home, she must battle monstrous creatures and evil sorceresses in a corrupted land. In this guide, we will show you the default control scheme for PS5’s Unspoken to help you navigate the game and master Frey’s powerful spells as she fights to survive and find her way home. Keep in mind, you can always change these controls from the main menu.



Default Control Scheme for PlayStation 5

PlayStation Controls - Forspoken


With a solid understanding of the PlayStation controls, you are now fully equipped to tackle the challenges that await you in the game. With your skills and powerful spells, you will be able to navigate the treacherous landscapes of Athia and battle the monstrous creatures and evil sorceresses that threaten the land. Don’t forget that you can always refer back to this guide for a refresher on the controls. Good luck on your journey to save Athia and find your way back home.


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