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WWE 2K24: How to Win Inside the Elimination Chamber

WWE 2K24: How to Win Inside the Elimination Chamber

The Elimination Chamber is where the big dogs play. Think of it as a mix of Royal Rumble toughness & War Games strategy, with a sprinkle of that Hell in a Cell savagery. Six superstars enter, but only one can claim victory, by pinfall or submission. Two start in the ring, while the others wait their turn in those intimidating pods… Timing & strategy? Essential.


Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty:



Throwing Opponents Into the Chamber Wall

Wanna make a statement? Toss your opponents into the chamber wall. Hereโ€™s how you do it… Grab your opponent with (Circle/B) then, give them the ol’ Irish Whip by long pressing (Circle/B) + L stick towards the ropes. Now, hereโ€™s where it gets fun… Irish Whip them again but this time, aim for the cage wall. Oh, & donโ€™t forget, slamming your foes on the hard flooring? Chef’s kiss for dishing out extra pain.



Attacking Opponents On The Pod

The pods ain’t just for show, use them to your advantage. Control your rival with (Circle/B) & press (L1/LB) to walk them into that unforgiving pod. Now, unleash hell with strike or grapple actions. Remember, the environment is your best friend in the chamber.



Dive From The Top Of The Pod

Feeling daring? Climb the chamber near the pod with (L1/LB) then, move your wrestler with the L stick towards the pod, they’ll get to the top. Ready for the leap of faith? Press (X/A) or (Square/X) to dive. It’s high risk, high reward, baby.



Grabbing An Opponent From The Top Of The Pod

See your opponent trying that dive? Catch โ€˜em mid-air & show โ€˜em who’s boss. Run to the corner with (L2/LT) & snatch them with (X/A). Sending them crashing down? Priceless.



Fight On The Chamber Wall

Why keep the fight in the ring when you can take it to the walls? Press (L1/LB) near the fencing, & it’s on. Strike with (X/A) or (Square/X). It’s like a dance, but with punches.



How To Spear Opponents Through The Pod

Hereโ€™s the showstopper. Have a finisher ready & an empty pod. Whip your foe with an Irish Whip onto the hard floor, press (L1/LB) to guide them to the pod & lean them against it. Then, itโ€™s time for the grand finale: press (X/A) to spear them through the pod wall… No finisher prompt needed, but it’ll cost ya one from your meter. Trust me, itโ€™s worth it.


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