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WWE 2K24: How to Cash-in Money in the Bank

WWE 2K24: How to Cash-in Money in the Bank

WWE 2K24 is pretty sick with its modes, but let’s be real, the Universe modes are where it’s at. You’ve got the Classic & Superstar versions, each offering its own vibe. The Classic mode’s all about flexibility, control, and letting your creativity run wild. On the flip side, Superstar mode narrows down the focus to one WWE superstar, throwing you in the deep end with every single match they’re in.


Now, onto the juicy bit – the Money in the Bank (MITB). This stipulation is a game-changer. Holding that briefcase? Means you got a shot at the title, anytime, anywhere. You can cash in for a straight-up title match, interrupt a match for a surprise Triple Threat, or even jump the winner right after their victory to snatch the belt. Sounds dope, right??



Getting the Briefcase in Superstar Mode

In Superstar Mode, getting the MITB on your chosen wrestler without breaking a sweat involves a neat workaround:


  • Switch to Classic Mode: Hit up the Options & change the Current Playstyle to Classic.


  • Edit Matches: Choose the next show on your calendar & tweak the match slots as you see fit. Youโ€™re looking to delete or adjust one to make room for your moment of glory.


  • Now, select a one-on-one match featuring your chosen gladiator for Superstar Mode. Press R3/RS to toggle the title match setting on… Press the accept button & pick MITB as your prize.


  • Save the show & match youโ€™ve painstakingly set up.


  • Start Show: Dive in by pressing X/A to simulate the match… but hereโ€™s the kicker: press Square/X to ensure your chosen wrestler clinches the MITB.



Cashing In

Now that youโ€™ve got the briefcase -> it’s time to make dreams come true… or nightmares, depending on which side of the ring you’re on.


  • After ensuring your MITB holder & the WWE champion are in the same event, dive back into MyUniverse & Options to switch playstyle back to Superstar Mode.


  • Manage Superstar is your next stop; here, select Cash in Money In The Bank.


  • Youโ€™re faced with choices: Announce Cash-In, Mid-Match Cash-In, or Post-Match Cash-In. Choose wisely; each has its own thrill & strategy.


  • Select Play for the next match if you’re itching for immediate action.


If you opt for a Mid-Match Cash-In, youโ€™ve gotta spectate until your wrestler crashes the party, turning it into a Triple Threat Match… Talk about making an entrance, right?



Classic Mode Cash-In

If youโ€™re rolling with Classic mode, the path to cashing in involves less back & forth but no less strategy:


  • Follow the initial steps to crown your MITB holder.


  • Head over to the Rivalries menu & stir up some drama by creating a rivalry between your MITB holder & the current champ.


  • Edit the show to ensure these two are set to clash & hit R3/RS to peek into the Rivalries Actions.


  • Choose your method of cash-in: Triple Threat, Post-Match, or the sneaky Post-Match Attack option… because sometimes, a well-timed ambush is all it takes to become the new champ.


Remember, the intensity of the rivalry or momentum might tip your hand in choosing how & when to cash in… WWE 2K24 is all about reading the roomโ€”or in this case, the ring.


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