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Havendock Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: Tips for New Players

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Undoubtedly, the city-building genre has become one of the most popular and rewarding game types on Steam. Many classic strategy games have evolved to fit this mold, and its success has inspired developers to create hundreds of city-builder games each year. However, only a few games manage to stand out amidst the sea of copy-paste and simplistic city-building titles.


Havendock is one of those games. As a resource management, base-building, and simulation game, Havendock challenges players to survive in the middle of the ocean while constructing a bustling town. You’ll attract settlers and manage their needs while keeping your town thriving. This guide aims to provide you with essential tips on various aspects and features of the game to help you get started on the right foot.



Character Creation and Mindset

Embark on your Havendock adventure by crafting a unique character that embodies your personality and preferences. Customize their appearance and attributes to your liking. Remember to adopt a positive and proactive mindset as you dive into the game – your attitude can directly influence your success.



Resource Collection

Gathering resources is crucial to your settlement’s development. Initially, you’ll need to manually collect materials from floating debris. As you progress, you’ll unlock automation technologies to streamline the process. Keep a lookout for new resources and prioritize those required for your current projects.


  • Focus on essential resources like wood, metal, and food.


  • Organize your resources using storage containers.


  • Upgrade your tools to accelerate resource collection and reduce manual labor.



Building Facilities and Self-sufficiency

Facilities are key to achieving self-sufficiency in your settlement. Construct a variety of buildings like farms, animal pens, workshops, and living spaces to meet your settlers’ needs. Strike a balance between different types of facilities to maintain productivity and happiness.


  • Start with basic facilities like food farms, water distillers, and living spaces.


  • Optimize your settlement layout for space and easy access to resources.


  • Regularly upgrade and expand your facilities to accommodate your growing population.



Settlement Organization

A well-organized settlement is vital for efficiency and aesthetics. Design your settlement’s layout at your own pace, keeping in mind future expansion and the needs of a growing population.


  • Group similar facilities (e.g., farms, animal pens, workshops) for easier management.


  • Leave room between buildings for future expansion and upgrades.


  • Create designated areas for storage, crafting, and living spaces.



Farming and Cooking

To keep your settlers well-fed and content, focus on farming and cooking. Cultivate a variety of crops to ensure a steady food supply and set up kitchens to prepare tasty meals that boost both sustenance and happiness.


  • Diversify your food sources by planting a variety of crops.


  • Build multiple kitchens to increase meal production and reduce wait times.


  • Research new recipes and cooking techniques to enhance meal quality and variety.



Raising and Feeding Animals

Build animal pens to raise and care for different creatures. Well-fed and happy animals provide valuable resources and assistance in your work.


  • Raise animals that offer essential resources, like chickens for eggs or cows for milk.


  • Provide appropriate food and living conditions for each animal.


  • Expand and upgrade animal pens to accommodate new species and larger populations.



Survivor Management

As you welcome new survivors to your settlement, assign them tasks and production roles to keep the community thriving. More settlers mean more needs, but they can also help automate tasks and enhance overall efficiency.


  • Regularly assess settlers’ happiness, health, and productivity.


  • Assign tasks that match settlers’ abilities and preferences.


  • Train settlers in various skills to increase their efficiency and adaptability.



Mastering Mad Science

Push the boundaries of modern engineering and common sense by mastering mad science. Start by building basic devices like water distillers and coffee makers before moving on to more complex machines like robots, power plants, submarines, and even rockets.


  • Prioritize researching technologies that directly benefit your settlement’s growth and efficiency.


  • Experiment with different combinations of devices and machines to discover new possibilities.


  • Always have a steady supply of resources to support your mad science endeavors.



Exploration and Discovery

Construct boats and submarines to explore the vast world of Havendock. Discover new islands on the horizon, and venture deep underwater to search for valuable ores and oil. Be prepared to encounter new challenges and opportunities as you broaden your horizons.


  • Regularly scout the surrounding waters for new resources and points of interest.


  • Upgrade your boats and submarines to increase their speed, durability, and carrying capacity.


  • Be prepared to face hostile creatures and environmental hazards during your explorations.



Co-op Mode and Collaboration

Invite your friends to join your settlement and work together in co-op mode. Although this mode may still be a work-in-progress and can contain bugs, it offers a unique opportunity for collaboration and fun.


  • Communicate with your friends to coordinate tasks and share resources effectively.


  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone contributes to the settlement’s success.


  • Use the co-op mode as an opportunity to learn from your friends and improve your own gameplay strategies.


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