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Fabledom Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks for New Players


The city-building genre is welcoming at least 2-3 new games per week and has become increasingly popular. However, only a few games manage to stand out as distinct and unique compared to others. Fabledom is a vivid, captivating city-building game featuring a delightful art style and set in an enchanting, fairytale-inspired world.


Drawing from popular games like The Settlers, Foundation, and Kingdoms and Castles, Fabledom offers a laid-back gaming experience, inviting you to explore and expand at your leisure. Although still in development, Fabledom promises an enthralling experience that is sure to delight.



Beginning Your Journey

When you begin Fabledom, you’ll select a region on a procedurally generated map. Each area has unique characteristics, so choose one that suits your playstyle. Next, choose between two game modes: Standard or Creative. Standard mode features combat, whereas Creative mode allows for unrestricted building.



Master the Controls & Hotkeys

Before diving into Fabledom, familiarize yourself with the controls and hotkeys to improve your efficiency and gameplay. Becoming comfortable with camera controls (W, A, S, D, Q, E, Z, and C), building category tabs (1-0), and other essential shortcuts (such as R for rotating objects) will make navigating the game a breeze. Refer to our keyboard controls and hotkeys guide for a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.


Fabledom PC Keyboard and Mouse Controls



Building Your Kingdom

Start by constructing a laborer’s hut and a few pathways. Fablings, the game’s NPCs, will use these routes to travel between structures. As you progress, you’ll unlock a variety of buildings to help your kingdom thrive. Here are some key starting structures:


Homesteads: These homes attract Fablings to your kingdom. Personalize each homestead’s garden tiles to increase occupants’ happiness.


Lumbercamp: This facility produces wood, an essential resource for building structures.


Stonecamp: This facility provides the stone required for more advanced buildings.


Coal Maker: This facility produces coal, which keeps your Fablings warm during the winter months.


In Fabledom, strategically placing buildings is crucial for a prosperous kingdom. Select your structures’ locations wisely to maximize efficiency and maintain your citizens’ happiness. For example, placing homes near the Laborer’s Hut shortens workers’ commutes, while building roads ensures an organized, efficient settlement. Complete the game’s objectives to earn gold and progress through the story.



Cultivating Sustainable Agriculture

A well-tended farm is essential for supplying food to your settlers. Focus on growing various crops to ensure a diverse diet, which keeps your citizens satisfied and healthy. Keep in mind that crops vanish during winter, so stockpile enough food to survive the icy months.



Managing Resources

As your kingdom expands, keep an eye on your resource reserves. Keep track of food, wood, stone, and coal levels to guarantee sufficient supplies for your expanding population. If necessary, assign additional workers to farms to increase food production.



Trade and Diplomacy

Construct a messenger office to establish contact with neighboring kingdoms. Exchange resources and form alliances, or challenge your neighbors by raising an army. The diplomatic choices you make will shape your kingdom’s growth and relationships with other realms.



Employment and Well-being

As your kingdom’s leader, you’re responsible for managing your Fablings’ employment. Assign jobs manually, adjusting the workforce based on your kingdom’s needs. Maintain your citizens’ happiness by customizing their homesteads and providing essential resources such as food, water, and warmth.



Love and Rewards

Fabledom introduces a unique romance feature, allowing your character to court a Prince or Princess from another realm. The choice of partner will influence the rewards you receive, such as doubled crop yields. The romance aspect adds a strategic layer to gameplay, affecting your kingdom’s growth and prosperity.



Facing Seasonal Challenges

Remain aware of the seasonal cycle in Fabledom. Prepare for winter’s effect on your crops and ensure your citizens have a steady supply of coal to heat their homes during the cold months. Similarly, adapt to other seasonal changes that may affect your kingdom’s resources, productivity, and well-being.



Exploring the Realm

As you progress in Fabledom, you’ll encounter new territories and magical creatures. Engage in quests and uncover hidden treasures to further expand your kingdom and unlock new building options. This exploration aspect adds depth to the gameplay and offers exciting opportunities for players to discover and conquer.


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