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Longvinter Beginner’s Guide: Ultimate Survival Tips

Longvinter Beginner’s Guide: Ultimate Survival Tips

Longvinter is a brand new open-world, multiplayer survival game created by Uuvana Studios. This game is Uuvana Studios’ first ever release, and knowing that, it is very impressive. It combines the cute and approachable visuals of Animal Crossing with the gathering, crafting, and intense survival elements of games like Rust. While this might sound like an unlikely pairing, it actually does work, and to great effect. And, since this is a brand new title, there is still plenty of time to get in early and learn the game with the group of people that will go on to rule the servers once they become established. Don’t get left behind; use this Longvinter Beginner’s Guide to build up your village and become a Longvinter authority.



  1. Maintain Your Stamina

As a survival game, Longvinter is based on how long you can last in the elements against other players. What determines this is the yellow lightning bolts on the bottom right of the game screen. These will deplete over time from regular movement and just being outside, and different environments will affect your stamina drain. For instance, colder areas will drain your stamina much faster than green ones, though you can equip a heat pack to mitigate that extra cold damage. Unfortunately, your stamina pool is also your health pool, so when you take damage it is deducted from the same place. To keep your stamina up, you should constantly be foraging for berries as you explore the island. Most berries are good for you, and some give you more stamina than others. However, some berries, like the red ones, will kill you if you eat them, so be careful! Stamina can also be gained by sitting close to a bonfire or eating cooked food.


Longvinter Beginner’s Guide: Ultimate Survival Tips



  1. Buy A Fishing Rod

At the very start of your Longvinter experience, you will spawn close to a red vending machine. This vending machine will sell you many useful items, and among them are a fishing rod and matches. I would recommend buying both of these, as they will help you get a great start in the game. Once you have your fishing rod, you can fish in designated fishing areas. Caught fish can then be cooked at a bonfire, or sold to vendors for extra money. If you’re close to where you spawned in, there should be a bonfire nearby, but if there isn’t, you can use your matches to build a bonfire and cook anywhere. Cooked fish will restore a greater amount of health/stamina than berries, so it’s a good idea to keep some on you at all times.


Longvinter Beginner’s Guide: Ultimate Survival Tips



  1. Gather Resources

As with any survival game, the majority of your time spent playing Longvinter will be exploring the island and finding loot. There are outposts scattered around the island, and almost all of them will have chests full of items for you to take. These items can be food to help with stamina, seeds to plant and grow, or even weapons and other equipment. In the early game, before you have a base of operations, I would recommend just selling the majority of the items you find to help build up your cash reserves, unless you find something particularly useful. Though, most of the time, you will be able to purchase that same equipment later on.


Longvinter Beginner’s Guide: Ultimate Survival Tips



  1. Be Prepared For Hostile Encounters

Another reason you should sell most of your items in the early game is that you will almost definitely come across a better-equipped player who will shoot you down, making you drop all of your carried items. This is due to the game’s survival game DNA. You’re in almost constant danger of being eliminated and losing whatever you have picked up so far. There isn’t much you can do when out exploring the wild other than be ready to pull your gun out to retaliate, but there are some things to know that can help prevent you from losing items unnecessarily. Be careful where you draw your gun. If it’s out too close to one of the main encampments, they’ll often have turrets, and those turrets will rip you to shreds. Turrets can also be built by yourself and other players, so be careful about getting too close to other players’ camps while you’re out exploring.


Longvinter Beginner’s Guide: Ultimate Survival Tips



  1. Build Your Base

After you’ve done some exploring, you’ll likely come across an encampment with an equipment vendor. This is where you will be able to purchase important items like tents, workbenches, and storage crates. If you’ve been selling your loot, you should have plenty of money to buy whatever you need. You’re going to want to buy a tent to start your first base, along with a workbench to craft and a container to store important items. Next, you should scout out a place to set your tent down. Make sure wherever you set it up is exactly where you want your base to be, because once it is placed, it can not be moved. I would recommend building your first tent in a grassy green area, just so you aren’t losing extra stamina due to the colder environment. With your tent in place, the next step is to upgrade that tent into a house. To do this, place a workbench inside the tent, and it will have a house option to craft with 60 wood, which you will need a chainsaw to collect. That’ll take some time, but once you have everything and build the house, you’ll have many benefits over the tent including a “safe area” where other players can’t just take your stuff (though they can still destroy it and take it, it just takes longer), and the option to build up defenses.


Longvinter Beginner’s Guide: Ultimate Survival Tips


I hope these tips are enough for you to get started making your way through Longvinter. Remember to keep your stamina up and to try to avoid turrets, and you should be good. Good luck surviving the island!


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