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MultiVersus Beginner’s Guide: Ultimate Tips & Tricks

MultiVersus Beginner's Guide: Ultimate Tips & Tricks

There has been a long history of video games that attempt to copy the success and earn the rabid fanbase that Super Smash Bros. has. From Brawlhalla and PlayStation All-Stars to Rivals of Aether and Towerfall Ascension, handfuls of developers have tried their hands at making a similar game.


Now, we have a new entry into the competition with Warner Bros. Multiversus. This intense brawling game features characters from many different Warner Bros properties, which makes for some bonkers matchups that can’t happen anywhere else.


Multiversus is also a free-to-play game, so anybody can download it and get in on the action. This means the pool for competition is incredibly vast and varied, and players are upgrading their skills all the time. If you need some help making headway in Multiversus, you can use this Beginner’s Guide to learn the ropes.



Damage Meter

As with Smash Bros and other games that imitate it, there is no traditional health meter like you would find in other fighting games. Instead, there is a counter at the bottom of the screen that will keep track of how much damage you’ve already taken, counting upwards.


The higher this number is, the more likely you are to fly off the screen and get eliminated. This is because the more damage your character has, the easier they are to throw around. Hits that were once gentle taps now seem like crushing blows, sending you to your doom.



Downward Strikes

One of the most important tools in your arsenal is going to be the downward strike, which is used by pressing down and the X (or square button on PlayStation). These attacks will always send your target into the abyss if their damage meter is high enough, and if they have nothing below them to save them.


MultiVersus Beginner's Guide: Ultimate Tips & Tricks


However, you need to use this move wisely. If you’re in the optimal situation to use this move but somehow miss, then you just punched your own ticket to the underworld. Nobody wants to eliminate themselves from a match, so keep an eye on where your Target is, and there it will be.



Don’t Forget to Dodge

Your primary method of avoiding taking damage is going to be the dodge ability that every character has. You can either press the dodge button from a static position, or you can dash THROUGH an attack if you press forward and dodge.


You’ll want to use the dodge ability often, and you should, it can keep you out of most bad situations. However, it is important to keep an eye on your dodge meter. Each time you dodge, it depletes a little bit, and if it is empty, you’re just a sitting duck, completely open to attack.



Learn the Special Attacks

Each character in Multiversus has two attack options: their basic attack, and their special attack. Most of your time will be spent using basic attacks, but the special attacks are where the game really shines. Every special attack is different and unique to that character, and they can give you a huge advantage in battle.


MultiVersus Beginner's Guide: Ultimate Tips & Tricks


For instance, Velma’s special has her dashing across the stage, picking up anyone she crosses paths with. This doesn’t do much damage, but it can help your teammate. In Stark contrast, Arya Stark’s special has her stealing her opponent’s face, which allows her to use their own moves against them.



Mix It Up

When matches get hectic, it is important to remember that you need to keep mixing up your combos. Pressing the basic attack button over and over on its own won’t help you. In fact, it can actively hurt you. Using the same attack 4 times in a row results in “attack decay”, making that move less effective.


MultiVersus Beginner's Guide: Ultimate Tips & Tricks


So to keep your damage output high, you’ll want to use the basic attack combined with the directional buttons to modify them, as well as attacking from the air after a jump and mixing in your special attacks. Don’t let your opponents get the upper hand because you’re only using one move.



Breaking Armored Attacks

Some characters, such as Wonder Woman, have moves that apply armor to that character, making them impervious to damage for a short while. This will obviously cause an issue for you if you’re trying to break them down, but there is an option to get rid of that armor if you have the right characters.


Moves that have a purple effect on them also serve as armor-breaking moves. Not every character has this option, so you’ll need to study and learn the ones that do. Shaggy, for instance, has a charged stomp attack that will break armor down in a flash.


MultiVersus PC Controls


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