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Lost Judgment Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Lost Judgment reveals many surprises for action lovers. It is an action-adventure game that provides a worthy experience. The beat-em-up combat system is the prime thing that gamers love. 


We have examined everything you need to know while playing this game, from the basics to the advanced effects. We’ve compiled a list of tips aimed at helping you navigate Yagami and his crew in Lost Judgment.



  • Explore City

Explore the city for a while. The ground and roofs are full of things that you can pick up. To make items or equipment at the end of the game, you must craft these items. The pawnshop is also a convenient place to sell unnecessary items.


The stores are worth checking in between missions. Additionally, you can purchase cat food, cigarettes, and more. Do not forget to eat in the restaurants. It isn’t just about keeping your body healthy. Most restaurants offer unique dishes. You can purchase better items off the street by eating snacks and drinking drinks to boost your SP rate.



  • Be Careful While Tailing

If you are tailing your target, stay as far from it as possible. As soon as you press triangle/Y, the protagonist will attempt to divert attention to something else when you are spotted. 


This ability has a limited scope. Your phone will stop working as soon as you run out of battery. Often people you’re tailing will stop or suddenly change directions. You have to follow your target carefully and conceal behind various objects to complete tailing missions.



  • Money and Skill Points for Buying

When you reach each checkpoint in the game’s story, you get money and skill points, which you need to purchase new skills.


You can earn a lot of money from mini-games. Fighting on the streets will also pay you. Discover everything Tokyo and Yokohama have to offer by heading out into the city.



  • Different Fighting Styles

The three fighting styles of Yagami are Style Crane, Tigress Style, and Snake Style. The styles are enabled once combat begins and work better against different types of enemies. A style symbol is present on the upper side of the screen.


D-pad buttons allow you to switch between fighting styles at any time. You do not lose charges while switching between fighting styles.



  • Play Mini Games

The rest of Lost Judgment’s story may have you chomping at the bit to see how it all plays out, but don’t overlook the game’s mini-games and other content to explore. 


There are also missions you can complete in Isezaki Ijincho and Kamurocho, as well as mini-games. As well as unlocking tons of extra cash and SP, you will stop what can eventually head toward monotony rather quickly. 


As Yagami, you can participate in a wide range of activities, so don’t feel like your time is limited to walking around and doing detective work. You can even play arcade games here, after all, because this is a Yakuza spinoff. You will surely enjoy playing the mini-games in Lost Judgment.


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