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Inscryption Tips & Tricks & Beginner’s Guide


At first glance, Inscryption might seem like a straightforward roguelike, but its turns, twists, and funky elements differentiate it from other card games. We have put together a strategy guide for Inscryption that will set you up for success.



Inscryption Beginner’s Guide

The first time you play Inscryption, you’ll meet a strange character named Leshy. He will dare you to a match, and you will progress and learn from this spot forward. A handful of your cards will be taken from your deck when you engage in a card battle in Inscryption. Similarly, there is a board with multiple rows.


Your own cards can be placed in four spaces in the bottom row. Meanwhile, Leshy will play his hand as well. In the case of two creatures fighting it out within the same column, their ATK and HP are considered. After placing your cards, they will act first, and Leshy will attack when he has finished his turn. It is sometimes necessary to deal with obstacles such as boulders and trees in the space.


In addition to drawing from your deck, you can also draw a Squirrel card at the beginning of your turn. There is no blood token or bone token required for the Squirrel. It is actually used quite frequently for sacrifice. You can also click on the Squirrel and other cards you own; if you can click on a card that costs blood. As a result, you can summon a stronger card with a higher blood cost by sacrificing the chosen ones.


While gaining blood tokens can increase the value of that card you’re about to place, it can only be used for that card. As opposed to this, a bone token is a pooled resource whenever you lose any creature. Know what cards you have in your deck to make sure you don’t run out of mana or resources.


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Inscryption Tips & Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks for Inscryption that will help you win the game:



1.  Using Overdamage to Win

The goal of Inscryption is to defeat your opponent by fighting a lot of combat encounters. Instead of most card games, where you win by assaulting your opponent until their hit points are zero, Inscryption rewards you with special resources for dealing more damage which you can spend; to get new cards, upgrade cards, or buy new items at special locations.



2.  Exploring everywhere

It is still possible to experiment and poke around Inscryption’s world, despite its relatively confined scope. As a result, not only will you receive resources or items, but you will also gain access to additional lore and untapped opportunities. There’s a chance that you could stumble upon something that could enhance your performance or prepare you for an upcoming experience.



3.  Avoid overstacking your deck

In Inscryption, players have the option to build their deck by adding new cards to their starter deck. As there are no evident drawbacks, it might be tempting to just get as many cards as possible. A lean deck, or even a balanced deck size, with predictable draws, will be more helpful in helping players win combats.



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