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Inscryption Tips & Tricks – Beginner’s Guide

Inscryption Tips & Tricks & Beginner's Guide

At first, Inscryption may seem like a simple roguelike, but its unique turns and elements set it apart from other card games. We’ve created a beginner’s guide to help you succeed in Inscryption.



Inscryption Beginner’s Guide

In your first game of Inscryption, you’ll encounter Leshy, a quirky character who will challenge you to a match. As you play, a few cards will be taken from your deck during each card battle. The game board has several rows.


You can place your cards in four spaces on the bottom row. Leshy will also play his hand. If two creatures are in the same column, their ATK and HP will be compared. Your cards will act first, followed by Leshy’s attack. Obstacles, such as boulders and trees, may be present on the board.


You can draw a Squirrel card at the beginning of your turn, in addition to drawing from your deck. The Squirrel does not require a blood or bone token and is often used for sacrifice. You can also select and sacrifice cards to summon a stronger one that requires more blood.


While gaining blood tokens can enhance the value of the card you’re about to play, it can only be used for that specific card. Bone tokens, on the other hand, are a shared resource whenever you lose a creature. Be aware of the cards in your deck to avoid running out of resources or mana.


Inscryption Tips & Tricks & Beginner's Guide



Inscryption Tips & Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks for Inscryption to help you win the game:



Using Overdamage to Win

The objective in Inscryption is to defeat your opponent by winning multiple combat encounters. Unlike other card games, where the goal is to reduce your opponent’s hit points to zero, Inscryption rewards you for dealing more damage by providing you with special resources that you can spend to obtain new cards, upgrade existing cards, or buy new items at specific locations.



Exploring Everywhere

Despite its limited scope, Inscryption allows for exploration and discovery. By doing so, you will not only receive resources or items, but you will also gain access to additional lore and potential opportunities. Exploring may lead to finding something that can improve your performance or prepare you for future encounters.



Avoid Overstacking Your Deck

In Inscryption, players can build their deck by adding new cards to their starting deck. Although there are no obvious drawbacks, it may be tempting to acquire as many cards as possible. A smaller, well-balanced deck with predictable draws will provide a better chance of winning combat encounters.


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