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Cossacks 3 Tips For Beginners


Cossacks 3 General Tips

1-) The game is very dynamic, and contrary to most RTS games, you need to gather units quickly and fight often.


2-) You should try to have many buildings to be able to recruit units. Try always to grow the bigger force.


3-) Remember about securing your town with the appropriate number of units and turrets.


4-) You really need a lot of villagers – they should work in mines, on fields, and cut wood. Have some ready-to-erect buildings as well.


5-) It is absolutely vital to have a good economy. First, secure access to basic resources and enhance your infrastructure.


6-) Mind that upkeep of units devours your food store – you have to have enough food if you’re planning a long war.


7-) More villagers working on construction will make the whole process faster.


8.) Don’t worry too much about losing troops; in the latter part of the game, you’ll be able to recruit many men quickly.


9-) An important part of your town is the market - you can exchange resources there. Warning! In multiplayer, the exchange rates are identical for everyone. Furthermore, the prices change a little bit with every transaction, so you can easily get ahead of others.


10-) In short, the mechanics of success are as follows: many town halls -> ability to recruit more villagers -> better resource output -> new buildings and bigger army -> continuous recruitment -> victory.


11-) Investing in new technologies is also part of success. If you have your town secured with torrents and you’re sure you can easily repel attacks, then you should invest the resource surplus in technology upgrades.





Cossacks 3 Army Tips

1-) Always try to fight near your turrets and well-placed riflemen. In other words: the biggest fight should happen on your territory – then you can counterattack.


2-) Choose your units appropriately – don’t throw slow units to fight riflemen; don’t attack fortifications without artillery.


3-) Have a diversified army, divided into groups (CTRL + 1,2,3… will allow assigning several troops to one key), which are able to counter different types of hostile units.


4-) More is not always better: sometimes it’s better to have a smaller army, but a modern one.


5-) Use light cavalry for hit-and-run attacks: hit poorly defended areas or villagers and then quickly retreat.


6-) Remember that you can take over hostile artillery if there are no hostile units nearby. The cavalry is perfect for this task.


7-) Often, during the campaign, you will be working against the clock. On such occasions, don’t waste time for unnecessary preparations; if you have an army – attack.


8.) Send scouts to estimate the enemy’s numbers and control their movement.


9-) Remember that keeping an army costs – if you’re not planning to attack, keep around just enough troops to be able to defend.


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