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Gloria Victis – 20 Very Useful Tips & Tricks for Beginners!

Gloria Victis - 20 Very Useful Tips & Tricks for Beginners!

In the enthralling medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis there is so much to learn and discover. Although learning the fundamentals is not difficult, it is expedient to use a guide to learn more quickly. This guide contains 20 tips and tricks that will undoubtedly assist you in progressing through the game. Let’s get started.


  • Various weapon types have their own pros and cons โ€” they can deal different types of damage depending on attack direction and inflict additional effects, like bleeding.


  • Vary your attacks and timing, or the enemy will anticipate your patterns easily and block each attack. Holding your attacks for a moment and attacking at different stages in the power bar can confuse the enemy and throw him off the beat.


  • Health Points are too valuable to trade hit for hit. If you are not sure that you will be able to attack before the opponent, stop your attack and block. Practice your ability to recognize who will strike first to learn whether attacking or blocking is the best option.


  • You earn 5 attribute points and 1 passive ability point with each new level.


  • To chamber an opponent’s attack, attack from the same direction just at the moment the opponent is releasing his attack. Your opponent’s attack must hit you before loading your attack reaches markers on powerbar.


  • Open your own stall [default: F3 key] to buy and sell horses, new and damaged equipment, and items.


  • If you fail to avoid your opponent’s kicks, consider the Unstoppable skill. It changes stuns to staggers so you can still move, which gives you an additional chance to dodge.


  • To feint, you can interrupt your own attacks with a block or cancel them with a special key until they cross a certain point in the animation. When an attack is interrupted just before this point, the sound of a swing will occur, which can confuse the opponent.


  • Upgrades to locations are bought with upgrade points. These points regenerate over time, but you can also purchase them with currency in the upgrade menu.


  • Passive abilities [default: B] allow you to customize your character and adjust it to your unique play style.


  • If you parry an enemy’s attack, he will lose his balance for a moment. This is your chance to strike!


  • Avoid 1v1 duels in group combat. Instead, try to attack the backs of targets that are not focused on you. Changing targets frequently is a good tactic in a group fight.


  • Remember โ€” looting an enemy player takes less time than robbing your own countrymen.


  • Conquer territories โ€” controlled outposts give you access to the best resources and an assortment of rare vendors.


  • The Depot chest is used to store valuable items. They can be found in the capital city and in large bastions. Depots are accountwide and unlootable.


  • Falling down inflicts damage depending on distance fallen and the weight of your equipment. You can jump safely into water, as long as it is deep enough.


  • The Not on My Watch skill allows archers to interrupt enemy attacks. Try to leave space so that your archers have a good line of fire, as they may save your life.


  • Axes and Maces are the most efficient weapons to destroy enemy gates.


  • Do not try to block several opponents at once with a two-handed weapon because a two-handed weapon can only block one direction at a time. Instead, pull a shield and try to break free.


  • Complete daily challenges in things you love to do to receive rewards and experience. From fishing to fighting, there’s a challenge for every playstyle.


  • Gather resources with the correct tool for the most efficient gathering time.


  • Save your arrows! Use them when you have a chance to kill someone or help in combat. Even with just a few Health Points left, the enemy can quickly regenerate if he has a place to hide.


  • Upgrade walls, towers, and gatehouses to improve the defenses of a location with more hit points, additional cover, and siege equipment such as ballistas and boiling oil.


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