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The Riftbreaker: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


In a unique game like The Riftbreaker, you might encounter various challenges and roadblocks that can hinder your progress. This particular survival game, developed by EXOR Studios, stands out among its peers. You might be craving a stronger item, character, or weapon, but adversaries, puzzles, or environmental barriers could dampen your excitement.


This base-building game has a plethora of features to entice its fans. However, beginners may need to peruse some helpful tips and tricks before diving in. We’ve put together a brief list of armor upgrades and pointers that you might find useful in The Riftbreaker. These suggestions will certainly help newcomers enjoy the game on a whole new level.



Repair Kit

  • In The Riftbreaker, you’ll need a trusty repair kit. This handy gadget assists you during tough times and provides healing. Without a repair module, you won’t be able to mend yourself.


  • Starting with the basic kit, you’ll experience 25% healing, with each subsequent upgrade adding an additional 25%. You can eventually achieve 50%, 75%, and even 100% healing.



Small Mine

  • Small mines are best utilized with various tools, but you’ll need a bit of time to recharge them. With a brief 5-second recharge time and decent damage output, small mines are a solid choice.


  • Keep in mind, some foes are immune to explosive damage, so they’re resistant to this type of attack. No need to worry about Xenos exploding, though, unless you toss the mine directly onto one of their faces—then you’re in for a surprise.




  • If you lack explosive weapons but still want to dash and blast, grenades are your go-to. They pack more punch than bullets, which is why many players opt for them.


  • Even the launcher’s red version accepts modules, granting a larger blast radius when using the grenade launcher. While damage trumps DPS, the GL/ML/RL can still reign supreme over older models—and it’s cost-free.


  • With damage ranging from 300 to 600 and an 8-meter splash radius, grenades are a safe bet. Just remember, they’re explosives, so handle with care.



Nuclear Mine

  • Fear not, the environment remains unharmed, as this is a mine, a nuke, and a nuclear weapon all in one. Atomic energy is the purest form of energy. Traditional nuclear devices have a radius of at least 100 meters, but this gadget’s radius measures a mere 10 meters.


  • Any larger, and it would obliterate the terrain and eradicate another portion of the world from Xenos’ control. With a cooldown time of 3 seconds and the ability to carry only 5, the 2K/3K/4K/5K damage output allows you to assert your dominance with just one.


  • For optimal results, place them at intervals of 10-15 meters. The small mine shares a similar issue with the nuclear explosive: once armed, it becomes slightly chewable. Exercise caution when handling the Nuclear Mine in The Riftbreaker game.


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