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The Riftbreaker: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


In a video game like The Riftbreaker, you may face obstacles and difficulties that impede your progress. The Riftbreaker is a bit different survival game than its competitors. Maybe you want a more powerful item, character, or weapon, but an enemy, a puzzle, or an environmental obstacle might ruin your enjoyment.


This base-building game by EXOR Studios has many different things to offer for its lovers. However, before playing it, beginners might require reading some tips and tricks. We have compiled a shortlist of armor upgrades and tips, which you might find helpful in The Riftbreaker. These tips will surely let beginners enjoy the game in a much better way.



1.  Repair Kit

  • The Riftbreaker gameplay requires the use of a repair kit. The repair kit helps you in times of difficulty and heals you. Without a repair module, you will not be able to heal yourself.


  • With the basic one, the healing is 25%, and with the next upgrade, it is 25% more. Each upgrade gets bigger and bigger, so you can also achieve 50%, 75%, and 100% healing.



2.  Small Mine

  • You can best exploit small mines with various tools, but you will need some time to recharge them. The recharge time is just 5 seconds, and the damage dealt is decent.


  • Some enemies are immune to explosive damage, so they are resistant to explosive damage. There’s no risk of the Xenos exploding unless you drop it on one of its faces, which will snack on it before the shiny metal breaks into your rear.



3.  Grenade

  • Grenades are your best friend if you don’t have explosive weapons but want to run and shoot. They have more damage than bullets which is why many players use them.


  • Even the launcher’s red version can use modules, allowing for a greater radius when using the grenade launcher. Damage is more important than DPS, as then the GL/ML/RL can dominate the old-fashioned, but it will never be out of style, as it’s free.


  • The damage is 300/400/500/600 with an 8-meter splash radius. Grenades are safe to use, but they are explosives, so handle them carefully.



4.  Nuclear Mine

  • There’s no danger to the environment because it’s a mine, a nuke, and a nuclear weapon. Atomic energy is the purest type of energy. Nuclear devices usually have a radius of at least 100 meters, but this device has a radius of only 10 meters.


  • If it were any bigger, it would destroy the land and cleanse another part of the world of the Xenos influence. The cooldown time is 3 seconds. You can only carry 5 of those, but the damage output of 2K/3K/4K/5K means you can establish dominance with just one.


  • You better place them at intervals of 10-15 meters for best results. The small mine has the same problem as the nuclear explosive does. As soon as it is armed, it is somewhat chewy. However, you should be careful while dealing with the Nuclear Mine in the Riftbreaker game.


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