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Undisputed: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Heavyweight Boxers in Undisputed

Wrap up your hands, don your gloves, and get ready to get back in the ring in the first boxing game to be released in many years. It’s called Undisputed, and it’s packing in-depth fight mechanics, tons of licensed fighters, and dynamic commentary to boot!


This might be a boxing video game, but it’s no joke. Players will need to pay attention and practice just like they would as a real boxer if they want to succeed in this boxing sim. If you take this game lightly, it’ll knock you out for sure.


Fight Night and other boxing game fans are likely ready for the challenge, but if this is your introduction to the world of boxing simulators, you might be a little scared. But don’t worry, we have your back. What follows is a collection of beginner tips for Undisputed, enough to get you started in the ring. Ding ding! That’s the fight bell, let’s get started.



Keep Your Feet Moving!

One of the mechanics you can use in Undisputed is called directional punching. You use this by moving your analog stick in any direction while you press the punch button, which can either create or remove distance, or change your angle of attack depending on how you move.


In general, you want to be using this as much as possible. If you’re standing in place, you’re basically a perfect target, and your opponent is going to go straight for your jaw. So keep moving, jab at different distances and angles, and you might be able to avoid taking a knockout.



Go High and Low

While you’re moving around and trading blows, don’t forget to mix up your shots. If you just keep doing default punches, you’ll wear down your fighter and the opponent will just hold their block. What you want to do instead is use the left bumper to modify your punches, allowing for body shots.


The Moment a Man Was Knocked Out in Undisputed


Mix up head and body shots as you see fit during a match to confuse your opponent. They’ll only be able to block one or the other, and if you have them on the roped you’ll probably get a few good chances to land some powerful headshots.



Put Some Stink on It

So you’re staying on the move and mixing up your punches, but now you need something that’ll really put an opponent down if you know when to use it. A power punch! Holding the right bumper while throwing any type of punch will make it a power punch, which is something every boxer fears.


Power punches are dangerous for the person both the giving and receiving end. They are slow to throw, which will leave you open to attack, and it can result in a knockout if you land at the right angle. Watch out for your chance, but don’t get overzealous with them, unless you like feeling embarrassed in the middle of the ring.



Defense 101

Aside from blocking, your most important and valuable defensive skill as a boxer is going to be your weave ability. In-game, you can hold the left trigger to plant yourself in place, and use the left analog stick to move your torso in any direction.


This will allow you to dodge your opponent’s without using too much stamina moving around, and it looks really, really cool. It’s also especially useful if you get pushed into a corner and get stuck there. Just weave and dodge punches until you get a chance to escape. Easy peasy.



Return to Sender

Another core mechanic you’re going to want to become proficient with is the counter system. In Undisputed, a counter is anytime you successfully dodge an attack and go for your own attack immediately after. You get a little damage boost by catching your opponent off guard, and it’ll also open them up to a combo.


Be careful about going for counterattacks every time before you have the timing down. If your opponent catches on, they could hit you with a mixup and ruin your day. Sprinkle counters in throughout your match, that’s the way to do it.



Gotta Go Fast

If you want to move around with a little more quickness, you can enter loose movement mode by pressing up on the D-pad. This will make your movements much more swift and graceful, allowing you to get in and out of range much faster than the standard, locked-on mode.


However, it gives you and your opponent a much higher chance of getting knocked down, so be careful about giving and taking punches while in loose movement mode.


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