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Sea of Thieves Tips & Tricks

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Tips & Tricks

1) Don’t sail solo. This game wasn’t intended to sail solo. You are already at a disadvantage as soon as you disembark the outpost. The game can still be fun, but the risk is greater to lose your plunder.


2) To sail, you will need to raise the anchor by way of turning a capstan (large turning drum factor) – easier with extra of you helping – then unfurl the sails the usage of close by rope cleats (rope tie/hook matters) at the gunwale (side of the boat). Press “W” or “S” to unfurl or furl the sail. You also can alter the route of the sails by the usage of close by a winch.


3) In ship-to-ship combat, aim to land your cannonballs just below the waterline on the other ship. Landing shots above the waterline will poke holes in the other ship’s middle deck (not the lower deck). Since it’s above the waterline, the other ship will not take on any water from the hole.


4) The compass can be raised by pressing and holding the right (trigger/mouse button). While held up, your character will walk slower, and you should hear (feel if using a controller with vibration) your character taking steps (paces). This is handy for counting out your paces for riddle maps.


5) Eating one banana restores 25% of your HP.


6) Get unlucky enough to have a troll in your crew? Use the “Vote To Brig” feature to let him sit in time out for a bit. You and your crew can either choose to vote him back out after you think the nasty troll has learned their lesson, or you can just leave them there until they quit out of the game.


7) Nervous about crewing up with other players? The Sloop allows you to play solo if you wish to dip your toes into the water first. Be aware though, that it’s still a shared world, so you will still be able to run into other, potentially hostile, players in the world. Personal advice, there’s safety in numbers, so crew up on a Galleon! (Plus, this game is way more fun when you play with a team of mates).


8) Not all items in the game are given to you straight away (like the very powerful Blunderbuss, which must be purchased for 930 gold). Some items must be purchased from a merchant. Merchants can be found on Outpost islands.


9) Supplies. Are you in an extended fight that is going on for 30 minutes, and you’re out of supplies? You have a few options. Disengage would be the safest bet. But where is the fun in that? If you are out of supplies and you still want to chase, send your crewmate flying to the closest island to pick up supplies. Make sure they have an empty inventory before you send them. This can backfire if the enemy ship realizes this and comes about to broadside you.


10) To get a project, visit the Gold Hoarders’ tent on Sanctuary Outpost, the place in which you start. He’s fairly slap-bang inside the center of it. You will need to buy missions, and you have time wherein to finish them. There is an unfastened project to be had to get you going – The Stash of Captain Bones.


11) Advanced Strategies. While you are chasing, tell your crew mate to stay on the sails to give you the wind advantage. This is huge when you need to close the gap. When you are fighting a ship, lower your sails slightly for extra mobility after you have made your pass to fire. It will put you in a better position to fire again. If you need to 180 your ship, steer completely port or starboard and drop anchor. When you do this, call your crew mate to help you raise the anchor. This is a very advanced strategy that can either get you killed or maintain the chase. Save this one during critical times.


12) You cannot share a treasure map with another crew. They won’t be able to spawn chests on your maps. However, once the chest has been spawned (you’ve hit it with a shovel), they can shoot you and finish digging it up… or vice versa.


13) Your ship will occasionally take hull damage when sailing through a storm. This can pile up pretty quickly, too, so be mindful of it. You should be able to hear audio cues of wood breaking to indicate you’ve sprung a new leak.


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