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Raft – Useful Tips & Tricks

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Useful Tips & Tricks

-When you kill an animal with arrows, remember to pick them up before searching the body or they will disappear together.


-Build a lot of storage ! You’ll never have too much of something, you can be sure that if you throw away something, 1 hour after you’re gonna need tons of it and won’t be able to find any.


-Add in priority Foundation Armor to all the squares holding something, so that the shark can’t bite them all to oblivion.


-Don’t be greedy, if you’re fighting and are almost out of health, go back to your raft and heal. The animals won’t regain their health, you have all the time in the world.


-Craft a bed to come back to life with more health, be able to skip nights and control where you will respawn if you die ( otherwise you will appear at the “center” of your raft, even if it’s above water ).


-Don’t forget that you can sprint by using [shift] to move faster ( doesn’t work in water though ).


-If you’re playing with people, remember what path you’re taking while exploring so that you can easily tell them how to find you if you get in troubles.


-It’s useless to put several sails.


-Careful when you drop something ( appears in a box ), it will disappear into thin air after ~1m30s.


-Careful when you remove a floor, if there is anything on it, it will be lost.


-Your raft is the center of this world, everything appears around it, so if you’re off exploring an island while your raft is following the current, there will be a time where the island you’re on will disappear and you will be lost in the middle of nowhere.


-When you wake up, use any key but not your mouse as you will use the item you’re holding.


-Most bugs can be fixed by restarting the game.


-If you know you’re going to die and you’re in normal mode and alone ( which means you’re going to lose all of your inventory ), quickly drop everything you can so that you can go and get it back when you wake up, just remember you have ~1m30s before the boxes disappear, if you were underwater the boxes will float to the surface.


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