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Raft – Expanding Your Raft

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Expanding Your Raft

-You can’t live on only 4 squares, where are you going to place all your treasures ?



-Craft a Building Hammer and get to work !



-Hold [RightClick] to choose what you want to build then use [LeftClick] to place it. It will appear in green so that you can have an idea before placing it. You can rotate it before placing it.



-Everything you build will cost you materials, usually planks but sometimes also ropes, palm leaves…



-If you misplace something you can break it using an Axe, it will refund you half of the original cost.



-If you want a second ( or more ) floor, you’ll have to build pillars or walls first. You’ll be able to place floors all around the pillar/wall so remember that when for example you place pillars, you only need to place one in two.



-If you’re playing anything but peaceful mode, you will need something really important : Foundation Armor. It will protect your raft from shark attacks. So place them in priority on squares holding something because for now, the shark can absolutely attack foundations in the middle of your raft and if it holds something, it will disappear with the square.



-Creative Mode is a perfect way to try out structures before placing them on your current raft and risking wasting precious materials.


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