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Eco: Tips & Tricks

Eco: Tips & Tricks

1. When you first start off, notice how you can select two FREE skill specializations. If you select digging and get a shovel, unlearn it, you just received a free shovel! You can do this with mining, farming, and lumber also to receiveย free tools! Not many people know this!


2. When chopping trees, the yellow highlight color means it still needs to be chopped, green you can pick up.


3. When placing benches, remember to check the status because benches like the research bench need to be indoors with so much room to function. The room must be completely sealed like a normal house would for the game to register it as a valid location.


4. Hold the mouse button instead of clicking, this is not Minecraft even though it has somewhat of that Minecraft feel. Sometimes clicking will get you nowhere.


5. Better food gives you more skill points, keep a balanced diet.


6. The Wood Construction Skill gives you the option to turn hewn logs into the roof block using a hammer.


7. NEVER type /unstuck on a powered cart unless you want to go flying across the world. If you want to go flying, keep typing it.


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