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NBA 2K22: Tips & Tricks to Get a 99 Rating

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This process is not as simple as players think. For a long period, you must grind a lot in almost every game mode. Here are some tips and tricks to get a 99 rating in NBA 2K22.


  • Quick Play has many VCs to grind, and the quantity of VCs you get depends on how long the game lasts. If you typically play for 5 minutes every quarter, you will earn far less than if you play for 10 minutes. This principle also applies to MyCareer games. If you can obtain an A+ teammate grade in just 5 minutes per quarter, you’ll be able to earn VC faster if you play at 5 minutes per quarter in the game settings.


  • You’ll find team practices scheduled a day before your game on MyCareer. This is the primary goal you must achieve if you wish to achieve a rating of 99. Without this, the potential attribute points allocated throughout your player build cannot be maxed out. When you try to boost your attributes, you will notice an “Attribute Upgrade Points Available” notice. This is one method they keep players from simply paying VCs to get to the highest rating as quickly as possible. To get a 99 rating for your player, you will still need to grind out attribute point upgrades through team sessions.


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  • Answering questions during the loading screen is another simple method to earn VCs. You may come across questions on the NBA 2KTV loading screens from time to time; answering one will win you 100-200 VC. This is a wonderful present for simply pressing a button, so keep an eye out for them when they appear.


  • Playing MyLeague is also a great way to earn VC. This mode has an option where you can earn VC without playing. Simulating games in MyLeague can earn you some VCs without having to play any games. If you want to play such games, you can earn VC like any other game based on the number of minutes you play in each quarter.


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